Ep1: Transcranial Bright Light Therapy Using the Human Charger

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Timo Ahopelto

Timo Ahopelto – Valkee Human Charger Chairman

In today’s episode I get to speak with Timo Ahopelto the executive chairman of Valkee about transcranial bright light therapy.

Valkee are the Finnish company that make the novel bright light therapy device called the Human Charger.

This is a special biohacking gadget that shines a specific type of blue light directly into your brain cells!

The way the light gets inside your head is via LED bulbs that are built into earbud headphones that you put into your ear canals.

If you follow any famous biohackers then you’ll know that using light to hack better brain function is a definite must do.

Valkee have made a bright light therapy product designed to help improve your mood.

In this episode we go into the how the Human Charger works, the history behind the invention, when to use it to help beat the Winter Blues and loads more self-improvement tips using the power of light.

Special thanks to Timo for joining me on the show. Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes with Timestamp Links

Highlights of what we talk about during the interview:

  • How the HumanCharger device started and who invented it
  • How bright light therapy works for improving mood in cases like seasonal affective disorder, Winter blues and jet lag
  • Benefits of using the HumanCharger vs traditional bright light therapy light bulbs
  • Any risk of side-effects from using the device
  • Why 12 minutes is the dosage time
  • How to get one for yourself.
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Last updated: July 31, 2017

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