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Bulletproof CollaGelatin vs Collagen Protein Review

Did you know collagen comes from the Greek word kolla meaning glue! Collagen is not only a vital “glue” to help our skin look good as we age, but also to make our bodies feel stronger too! Basically, collagen is good stuff! We need to get it in our diet to help our bodies which […]

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Using Ketonix Breath Testing for Nutritional Ketosis Review

If you have been a reader of the site before, you’ll know that I used the concepts from the Bulletproof diet and a lot Bulletproof coffee to help put me into nutritional ketosis and lose a bucket load of weight. That sent me down the should I be checking for ketones, but also thinking well […]

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Does a PQQ Supplement Give You an Unfair Advantage?

You may have heard famous biohacker, Dave Asprey, talking about how he feels powered up after taking ,his new Bulletproof supplement. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some samples whilst I was at his 2nd Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, CA back in September 2014. Dave gave us, the biohacking crowd, some samples […]

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