BLUblox Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Deals for 2020

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Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: November 27, 2020

The BLUblox Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale event starts has officially begun!

The online sale started at midnight on Friday November 27, 2020 and will end at midnight on Monday November, 30 2020.

This means you will get the best discounted prices all year on select products to help you save money in this time limited sale event.

How Much Can You Save?

We got told that fans of Onnit products can expect up to 25% off discounts on the price of selected BLUblox products during this years BLUblox Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals event.

That is a phenomenal saving compared to other sale events we have seen from BLUblox.

What to Buy?

We think this is a great time to stock up your supplies, try something new in the range or even buy BLUblox gift ideas & do some early Christmas present shopping for him or for her.

Examples of The BLUblox Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discount Deals

We had a look around at the online shop over at to see what discounts are to be had.

We found you could get some nice savings on BLUblox products like:

1. Get 25% Off BLUBlox Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Man and woman wearing a pair of red lens blublox wayfair style blue blocking glasses

If you have been waiting to buy a pair of 100% blue light blocking glasses for you or your kids then this is the time to choose which pairs you want. These are the same ones we like to wear and recommend as one of the best.

2. Get 25% Off BLUblox Lumi Light Bulbs

Looking for low or no blue light LED bulbs that also don’t flicker? Then now is a good time to buy either the yellow or red light bulbs from BLUblox to put in your house.

3. Get 25% Off BLUblox REMedy Sleep Mask

Need a soft sleep mask to help block out light in your room ro when you travel. Get a deal on the BLUblox REMedy sleep mask to gently cover your eyes when you sleep.

4. Get 25% Off BLUblox Hive Red Light Therapy Box

Wanting a red light therapy unit to use at home? Grab this 25% discount on the Hive red light therapy box from BLUblox to start trying out LLLT in your own home.

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We also have a selection of other Black Friday deals from brands you might like:

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