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In today’s interview I get to speak with the owner of SES Research and Founder of MyVitalC, Chris Burres, about all the ins and outs of the longevity supplement called Carbon 60 (C60).

Chris is very passionate about sharing new research about the benefits of ESS60.

When research comes out suggesting a supplement extends lifespan by 90%, people take note. Most will treat these results with a healthy dose of skepticism and Chris explains he himself was fairly suspicious to begin with.

Today, we talk about the research that brought to light this promising new molecule. We also consider how it’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects could explain the extraordinary benefits people are reporting.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about:

  • What is Carbon 60 (C60) and why we should take it
  • What was the research that showed a 90% increase in lifespan in rats
  • C60 vs ESS60, is there a difference
  • Why is olive oil the best carrier oil for ESS60
  • What are other benefits to supplementing with ESS60 in olive oil
  • What are some important things to be aware of when choosing your supplements
  • Advice on how to take the supplement

Then this interview is for them.

I really enjoyed this interview with Chris. I was completely new to the world of ESS60 supplementation and he provided a great run down of what the molecule is, why I should consider taking it, and important things to be aware of.

Special thanks to Chris for joining me on the show.

Enjoy the episode!

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Chris Burres
Chris Burres: Co-Founder of SES Research

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[00:19] – Introducing, Chris Burres, owner of SES Research and the founder of MyVitalC (largest manufacturer of ESS60 in the world).

[01:13] – Chris explains that Carbon 60 (C60) contains 60 carbon atoms in one molecule.

[02:39] – Chris takes us through the story of how the C60 molecule peer reviewed research led to the discovery that supplementing with ESS60 in olive oil increased longevity by 90% in rats.

[11:18] – C60 vs ESS60. They are both C60. So, what is the difference? Chris explains that if C60 is not processed properly it can cause problems, ESS60 is purer without solvents.

[12:57] – ESS60 on its own comes in the form of a black powder that will be excreted if ingested on its own. A medium such olive oil is necessary to make it bioavailable.

[14:28] – An important point to note is that in this research the group of rats that were given just olive oil (without the ESS60) lived 30% longer than the control group. If sceptical of ESS60, Chris recommends people take more olive oil!

[15:43] – Significantly less ESS60 goes into avocado or MCT oil than goes into olive oil, which is the best for dissolving ESS60 at this point.

[16:50] – Chris explains, that at the moment we don’t know if there is a perfect dosage and if there is a variability for different health goals. He explains, that to arrive at a dose for humans using the rat studies allometric calculation which takes the different metabolism of animals into account is used.

[18:45] – The studies showed a 90% increase in lifespan for rats even though they were given the supplementation for a short timespan later in life. This begs the question: what is the necessary dosage/duration of supplementation for extension of life and what caused it?

[22:37] – None of the studies on C60 so far, have found it to be toxic. A caveat on this is when it is not properly processed; the solvents are not taken care of properly or things are added to make it water soluble. Chris recommends only using ESS60 as it is safer for consumption.

[23:41] – Chris explains that his company is the largest manufacturer of this product in the world. They have shifted their production to ESS60 to ensure they are selling a safe product and keeping the consumer safe. He talks quality control and explains how we have to be wary, as some manufacturers don’t have the equipment to test the materials they are buying.

[28:16] – There have been scandals in the olive oil industry. This is a potential problem, but Chris believes in transparency and explains they do a lot of research to identify individual orchards they purchase from.

[29:45] – After the original research came out in 2012, Chris explains they were selling the oil only for scientific research and not recommending it for human consumptions. Chris explains how in 2018 they decided to offer it as a supplement.

[32:58] – Other than longevity, customers were reporting various other benefits; the most consistently reported one being improved sleep. Chris explains that they are now working with the Oura sleep tracking ring company to get more data on this.

BioHackers Lab tip: Listen to our interview with Petteri Lahtela for more on the how the Oura ring can help you track your sleep and more.

[40:10] – There is a spectrum of how soon people see benefits and not everyone is reporting the subtle benefits they are seeing. Chris shares people have reported feeling less stressed, or see improvements in their arthritis, athletic performance, mental health, better eye sight, hair loss and more.

[49:03] – Currently the belief in the medical community is that ageing (and related problems) are due to an inflammation and an oxidation issue. It could be that the benefits seen from MyVitalC’s ESS60 in olive oil is due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

[50:00] – While there are criticisms to all researchers, no has really came out saying that the C60 research is invalid.

[51:21] – The product is not billed for topical use, but Chris explains he has used it topically and seen improvements in the skin. It is important to note that there is a concern that when ESS60 is exposed to light it deteriorates.

[53:07] – Chris demonstrates the packaging design for people watching the YouTube video.

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