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Ep111 Dr Meghna Dassani – Sleep Apnea Help for Adults & Kids

Ep110 Danny Johnson – Meat Buying Tips from a Butcher

Ep109 Jerry Teixeira – Bodyweight Training Exercise Tips

Ep108 Greg Potter PhD – How Our Nutrition & Habits Can Affect Sleep

Ep107 Dr Ben Bikman – Why We Get Sick from Insulin Resistance

Ep106 Chris Burres – C60 Oil Supplements Overview

Ep105 Tim Spector – Microbiome vs Genetic Responses to Diets

Ep104 Laura & Chris Spath – Carnivore Diet Story

Ep103 Brad Marshall’s Croissant Diet Weight Loss Revelations

Ep102 Raja Dhir • Should You Take Probiotics?

Ep101 Matt Maruca• What is The Light Diet?

Ep100 Apollo Wearable Review • David Rabin & Kathryn Fantauzzi

Ep99 Dr Judson Brandeis M.D • Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Ep98 Dr James McCarter • Is Keto Safe for Diabetics? (Myths vs Facts)

Ep97 What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil • Roy Krebs

Ep96 Why The Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio is Important • Dr Artemis Simopoulos, M.D

Ep95 How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work? • Dr Scott Sherr M.D

Ep94 Dr Ron Ehrlich’s Prostate Cancer Success Story

Ep93 Are Cold Showers Good for You? • Leigh Ewin

Ep92 Healthy Aging Tips Using The Microbiome • Dr Mike Lustgarten PhD

Ep91 Can You Reverse Myopia? (Nearsightedness) • Jake Steiner

Ep90 Nutrient Deficiency Testing (Review & Tips) • Dr Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Ep89 Why a Coronary Artery Calcium Score Test Is So Good • Ivor Cummins

Ep88 What Foods Are Keto + Nutrient Dense? (Nutrita Review) • Raphael Sirtoli

Ep87 Why Breathing Exercises Are Important • Niraj Naik

Ep86 Why is Nose to Tail Eating so Important? • Dr Paul Saladino MD

Ep85 Are Lectins Bad for You? (+) How to Avoid Them • Dr Paul Mason

Ep84 Why Eat a Raw Meat Only Diet? • Andrew Graf

Ep83 Keto Diet Issues & Lactic Acidosis • Dr Darren Schmidt

Ep82 Frank Tufano Raw Carnivore Diet Experience (+) Health Tips

Ep81 Dr Ken Berry Carnivore Diet Success Story

Ep80 Siim Land on Keto & Fasting Benefits (+) Mistakes to Avoid

Ep79 Bart Kay on Carnivore Diet & Nutrition Science (Facts vs Myths)

Ep79 30-Day Keto Diet Cleanse (Review & Tips) • Maria Emmerich

Ep77 Tom “Conman” Connors Viral Meningitis Recovery Story

Ep76 Ketotarian Diet Review (+Tips for Keto Vegetarians) • Dr Will Cole

Ep75 Zach Bitter Diet Tips That Help Him Break 100 Mile Race Records

Ep74 Healthiest Fats to Eat & Cook (+) Ones to Avoid • Dr James DiNicolantonio

Ep73 Keto-Carnivore Diet Benefits for Baseball Player (Success Story) • Robby Rowland

Ep72 Kasey Stern (Vegetable Police) Vegan to Carnivore Diet Results

Ep71 Why Is the Microbiome So Important? • Amy Proal PhD

Ep70 Is Ketosis Good for Brain Development & Long-Term Health? • Amber O’Hearn

Ep69 William Shewfelt Vegan to Keto Carnivore Diet (Benefits Story)

Ep68 Why Raw Feeding for Cats & Dogs is Best (Vet Tips) • Dr Nick Thompson

Ep67 Raw Dog Food for Beginners (Benefits & How to Tips) • Rowan Sanderson

Ep66 Paleo-Ketogenic Diet Benefits (+Advanced Tips) • Dr Zsófia Clemens PhD

Ep65 Natural Migraine Relief via the Stanton Migraine Protocol • Dr Angela Stanton

Ep64 Kelly Hogan’s Zero Carb Diet (Benefits & Success Story)

Ep63 Using Grass-fed Animals for Desert Greening (Success Story) • Allan Savory

Ep62 How to Heal Yourself (Expert Tips) • Dr Jeremy Howick

Ep61 Heads Up Health Review (Health Tracking Software) • David Korsunsky

Ep60 How to Build Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet (Ketogains Review) • Luis Villasenor

Ep59 Biohacking Guide for Beginners (by a MD) • Dr John Limansky

Ep58 How to Start Losing Weight if You Are Obese • Dr Tro Kalayjian MD

Ep57 Am I Addicted to Sugar Quiz (Easy Test) • Dr Jen Unwin

Ep56 How Does CBD Oil Work? • Dr Philip Blair MD

Ep55 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth & Gums • Dr Steven Lin

Ep54 Is the Low Carb Diet Good for Athletes? • Dr Peter Brukner

Ep53 Is Hypnosis Safe & Good For You? • Bill Patterson

Ep52 Mikhaila Peterson Diet of Only Meat (Success Story)

Ep51 How to Lower High Estrogen Levels Naturally • Dr Anthony Jay

Ep50 Best Ways to Brew Coffee (+) Cold Brew Coffee • Asher Yaron

Ep49 Why is Fresh Roasted Coffee That Much Better? • Asher Yaron

Ep48 Low Carb (Vegan Keto) Diet Results for Type 1 Diabetes • Dr Carrie Diulus

Ep47 How to Deal with Chronic Pain (Management Tips) • Dr Daniel Lewis

Ep46 Is a Ketogenic (Low Carb) Diet Heart-Healthy? • Dr Bret Scher

Ep45 Why Choose Ample Meal Replacement Shakes • Connor Young

Ep44 How Virta Health Online Diabetes Reversal Treatment Works • Dr James McCarter

Ep43 How Does A Lack of Sleep Affect You (+ Sleep Tips) • Dr Amy Bender

Ep42 Best Diet for Insulin Resistance (+ Extra Tips) • Dr Benjamin Bikman PhD

Ep41 How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Top Tips) • Petteri Lahtela

Ep40 Why Taking Care of Your Mitochondria is Vital (+ How To Do It) • Dr Lee Know

Ep39 Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe in Pregnancy? (+ How to Do it) • Lily Nichols RD

Ep38 Easy Jet Lag Hacks to Help (Reduce Travel Fatigue) • Christopher Babayode

Ep37 The Carnivore Diet for Women (Success Story) • Amber O’Hearn

Ep36 Dr Ken Berry MD – Do Doctors Lie to Patients? & Reasons Why

Ep35 How to Take Care of Our Eyes (Naturally) • Dr Travis Zigler

Ep34 Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Habits Anybody Can Do Today • Ben Greenfield

Ep33 Health Benefits of Drinking Exogenous Ketone Esters • Dr Brianna Stubbs PhD

Ep32 How Does Neurofeedback Training Work? • Dr Freddy Starr

Ep31 Best Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease • Amy Berger

Ep30 Dr Chris Masterjohn Toxic Mold Sickness (Success Story)

Ep29 How Integrative Oncology Can Help After a Cancer Diagnosis • Dr Nasha Winters

Ep28 Insomnia vs Night Owl Syndrome (Best Ways to Fix Poor Sleep) • Lois Maharg

Ep27 Ketogenic Diet for Brain Cancer (Success Story) • Alison Gannett

Ep26 Why Eating Too Late is Bad For Our Skin • Elyse van Spyk

Ep25 How the Public Health Collaboration Supports The Low Carb Diet • Sam Feltham

Ep24 Using Ketone Esters for Memory Boost Experiment (Quantified Bob) • Bob Troia

Ep23 How Much Protein Should You Have a Day? (+) Keto Protein Mistakes • Prof Stuart Phillips

Ep22 Floatation Therapy Benefits (Sensory Deprivation Tank) • Sean McCormick

Ep21 Camille Herron (Comrades Winner) Ultra Marathon Training Tips

Ep20 Iris vs Flux Blue Light Filter Software for Eye Protection (Review) • Daniel Georgiev

Ep19 Dr Shawn Bakers’ Carnivore Diet Plan (+) Benefits & Results

Ep18 World’s First Vitamin K2 Butter (Truth About Grassfed Butter) • Kevin Kennedy

Ep17 How the HOTSHOT Spicy Drink Helps Muscle Cramps • Prof Bruce Bean

Ep16 Dr Aga Burzynska PhD – Benefits of Regular Exercise as We Age

Ep15 How Nutrition Affects Mental Health (Nutritional Psychiatry) • Dr Ann Childers

Ep14 Ketonix Ketone Breath Meter vs Blood Meter Results • Michel Lundell

Ep13 Benefits of Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy in Children (+ Adults) • Emma Williams

Ep12 HVMN Nootropics Review (+ Benefits of Fasting) • Geoffrey Woo

Ep11 Why Natural Stacks Tests Supplement Ingredient Quality • Roy Krebs

Ep10 How to Use Different EMF Meters (Basic to Advanced Tips) • Scott Compton

Ep9 Benefits of Salt on Blood Pressure (+ The Salt Fix Book Review) • Dr James DiNicolantonio

Ep8 What Causes High Cholesterol Levels on a Keto Diet? • Dave Feldman

Ep7 Dr Gary Fettkes’ Real Food Diet Benefits (Success Story)

Ep6 Top Keto (Low Carb) Diet for Women Tips • Nutritionist Emily Maguire

Ep5 How Do Exogenous Ketones Supplements Work? • Dr Brianna Stubbs

Ep4 Alitura Skincare Top Tips for Healthy Looking Skin • Andy Hnilo

Ep3 Prof Tim Noakes Trial Backstory (+ Result) • Marika Sboros

Ep2 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure (EMF Warriors) • Scott Compton

Ep1 How The Valkee Human Charger Works (Review & Tips) • Timo Ahopelto

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