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Andy Hnilo
Andy Hnilo – Alitura Naturals Founder

In todays interview I get to speak with skincare biohacker, Andy Hnilo, about tips on how to maintain great looking skin.

Andy shares how an accident lead him on a path of discovering how to use clay masks to heal his skin.

The journey involved finding out how to mix different types of clay and other natural products to get the final product that he used to apply to his surgical scars and abrasions.

The Alitura clay mask was born and it even lead to the formation of a skincare products company called Alitura Naturals out of Malibu, California.

Andy is not only an entrepreneur, but also a model & Hollywood actor. So his appearance matters a lot in his line of work.

I discuss with Andy how to get the most out of the clay mask and find out some extra skincare and even haircare tips I hadn’t come across.

Special thanks to Andy for joining me on the show. Enjoy the episode!

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Show Notes with Timestamp Links

Highlights of what we talk about during the interview:

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[1:19] – Story behind how Andy being hit by a car back in 2011 in Los Angeles lead to his severe facial injuries and what he did to afterwards help his skin heal and recover.

[2:48] – How many products can artificial ingredients like fragrances and fillers compared to naturally found nutrient dense materials.

[5:12] – The beginning stages of Alitura after being featured as the first ever approved Bulletproof skincare product endorsed by Dave Asprey, man behind Bulletproof Coffee.

[7:37] – How Andy manages the stress response using different biohacks like natural sunlight, infra-red sauna, exercise, nutrition, being surrounded by positive people you love and routine.

[10:26] – Dietary factors that can help skin age well depends on each persons inflammation factors, but over time staying hydrated, using intermittent fasting, natural fats, good proteins & minimising foods that create inflammation like grains processed sugar, and dairy have helped Andy.

[11:40] – Toxic skincare products that a lot of people start using as teenagers to manage and help get rid of acne or spots.

[14:39] – Can teenagers use clay masks to help keep their skin clear and how to get the free ebook on healthy skin protocols.

[17:34] – Is clay masking the same as mudding?

[18:09] – What are the different clays in the Alitura clay mask and why have they been added to the formulae?

[22:09] – What do the other ingredients that are blended in with the clays do? This includes fresh water pearl powder, first 6 hour colostrum, organic kelp powder, vitamin C, American ginseng.

[26:53] – Instructions on how to start applying the clay mask if you have never done it before. Use a non-metallic bowel. Use a couple of tablespoon of the mask mixed in with either water or even apple cider vinegar. Option to mix in natural oils and then mix it into a toothpaste consistency. Finish with a cold rinse and then moisturise.

[28:52] – How long to keep the mask on your face.

[31:40] – Advanced tip of using the clay mask in your hair to treat the hair and scalp. Also the option to use the derma roller to stimulate the skin pores.

[37:53] – Should men shave their stubble and beards after masking?

[39:30] – How often can someone use the clay mask on their face? Daily, weekly, monthly? Standard recommendation is 1-3 per week. How Andy did a 30 day mask challenge.

[41:40] – Why staying hydrated is vital for good looking skin as we grow older. How you can use exfoliation and hyaluronic acid moisturiser like the Alitura night night cream.

[43:37] – How using creams and moisturisers are apart of a good daily skincare regime.

[48:00] – Visit online store website and use the coupon code BIOHACK to get 15% off saving at checkout on your Alitura order.

[49:10] – How Alitura products are designed for both men and women and are unisex.

[51:01] – Closing remarks on read the ingredient labels on skin products as manufacturers can change things and add unwanted chemicals or toxins.

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