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Marika Sboros
Journalist Marika Sboros

In todays interview I get to speak with top LCHF diet journalist, Marika Sboros, about the HPCSA vs Prof Tim Noakes Case in South Africa.

We talk about the three year saga that Prof. Tim Noakes had to endure in his case to defend himself in front of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

This was meant to just be a case about ethics, but was clearly defined more as a case to present the science for the benefits of the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet.

Marika was at all the hearings and documented, in detail, all the people and organisations involved against Prof. Noakes. Including all the twists & turns and strange events that happened.

If you or anyone . you know is interested in the background story summary of the events that eventually lead to the result of Prof. Tim Noakes found not guilty in the end then you’ll like this episode.

UPDATE: 8 June 2018 the Health Professions Council of South Africa lost its appeal against the verdict in favour of Prof Tim Noakes. Prof Tim Noakes is cleared of any wrong doing!

Marika is officially Tims’ fourth angel. You can find out more who the other three are in the show notes below.

Special thanks to Marika for joining me on the show. Enjoy the episode!

Go to Marikas’ dedicated trial coverage section as a central resource to read every single article published by Marika on the Tim Noakes trial and follow Marika on Twitter or Facebook.

Show Notes with Timestamp Links

Highlights of what we talk about during the interview:

Click on one of the timestamp links in the brackets to jump to that point in the interview audio.

  • History behind how this case against Prof. Noakes even started
  • What exactly was the charge against him and who was behind the complaint laid
  • The negative press release from South African doctors before the case started and how one of the names mentioned on it distanced themselves from the press release
  • Some bizarre elements to the HPCSA case against Prof Noakes
  • Prof Tim Noakes background as a A1 rated scientist in sport science and nutrition
  • The verdict terminology explained
  • How the Real Meal Revolution book success might have upset some Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) dieticians
  • How the HPCSA case was mainly based on one study the Naude Review which Noakes defence arguments showed is a flawed study
  • Summary of the structure of the HPCSA professional conduct committee
  • What happened when advocate Michael van der Nest asked the HPCSA expert witness about the doctor patient relationship question
  • How advocate Joan Adams explained that her committee couldn’t advise on changing nutritional guidelines for the world using the presented LCHF diet research
  • Marika talks about the most interesting question that was left unanswered
  • Strange event of the false guilty press release from the HPCSA before the case had even ended
  • Tims “three angles” Dr. Zoë Harcombe and Dr. Caryn Zinn and Nina Teicholz who wrote the award winning book “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet
  • How the cognitive dissonance theroy might explain why the people behind the complaint did what they did
  • Dr. Malcolm Kendrick article on the difficulties for doctors who support LCHF diet face
  • How a hearing became known as the “banting for babies trial” & wasn’t about getting babies into nutritional ketosis.
  • The secret report written by Prof. Esté Vorster from North West University that was leaked to Prof Tim Noakes defence team by accident
  • The excellent Russels investigative journalism article on the list of medical doctors, dieticians and food agencies who are behind the fight against Prof Tim Noakes
  • How the International Life Sciences Institute of South Africa (ILSI) is a proxy for Coca-cola. Coke has a history of hiding behind non-profit organisations, like the exposed and closed down Global Energy Balance Network, to downplay the dangers of sugar in obesity and lifestyle diseases
  • What happens now after the not guilty verdict (Marika is going to be co-authoring a book with Prof. Tim Noakes on the full case)

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