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In today’s episode I get to speak with Scott Compton (a.k.a Mister Spock) from the EMF Warriors on the topic of electromagnetic field hygiene plus nnEMF health awareness.

Scott is one of the three main founding members of the EMF Awareness support group called EMF Warriors.

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He comes from a biology background and starting his career in chemistry labs to moving into the tech world and learning about how our technology devices emit different frequencies that can influence our health. Especially if you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms.

Special thanks to Scott for joining me on the show.

Enjoy the episode!

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Scott Compton
Scott Compton: Electromagnetic Fields Expert

Show Notes with Timestamps

[00:20] – Introducing Scott Compton, a.k.a Mister Spock, one of three main founding members of EMF Warriors – a group which launched April 1st, 2017.

[02:44] – What are non-native EMF’s versus natural EMF’s and why should we be worried about exposure? The sun and the earth both emit EMF’s which are beneficial to us. The man-made, artificially generated EMF are more pulsed in their frequencies and are more unnatural in their signalling to our biological system by damaging your DNA, your mitochondrial DNA as well as have compromising effects to myelin of the neurons and make your cells more permeable by affecting the voltage gated calcium channels. What’s, more melatonin production is also disrupted.

[09:13] – In the environment today there is a combination of increased intensity of the EMF and increased exposure; Scott shares some examples of sources of exposure.

[13:07] – Scott recommends acceptable magnetic field numbers in our homes need to be below 2mG due to potential biological effects. Also remember: every household is different due to the different structure and electricity supply. A building biologist can help us figure out where the problem spots are.

[16:19] – Dirty electricity is the set of unexpected frequencies that come through your wall; Scott explains how certain bands of frequencies are known to be more problematic than others and how microsurge meter can be plugged into the wall to measure dirty electricity. If we know the science of how technology works, we can be better at practicing caution in terms of how to use it, e.g. technology and melatonin and retinal health.

BioHackers Lab Tip: Listen to Daniel Georgiev on how to use Iris Blue light blocking software

[19:48] – EMF Warrior website has is a great resource with a lot of information on technology on our biology. Because EMF is invisible to the eye people don’t tend to believe technology can be harmful, owning a meter changes that and makes us more aware. Some countries e.g Cyprus and small pockets of the US have banned Wi-Fi in schools, so there are movements out there.

[24:33] – MF hygiene tips for children in school using tablet computers. Don’t have the Wi-Fi on all the time on the tablet, download what you need and turn it off. Scott explains the materials in our environment can also make things better or worse as the radio frequencies behave like light.

[29:32] – Wi-Fi vs cellular connection, which is better? It is an unknown, unless you have a meter to test your own environment it’s hard to say which one is more damaging. What we do know is that they both have shown to have potential detrimental effects. We need to have awareness of exposure time. The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency, and the less intensity it has. (Biohackers Lab Tip: Concrete does a good job mitigating radio frequencies coming through the walls).

[34:53] – For dirty electricity we can use a microsurge meter to measure and see if we have a problem or not. If we do have a large amount of dirty electricity we can use wall socket filters like Greenwave that should help, but don’t always. Scott explains it is important knowing how to use these filters in order not to cause problems in other walls of the house. He also says it is important to test different things in the environment and shares an example of how his test findings on discovering excess EMF in strange places, like his own bathtub!

[41:37] – What is a building biologist? Scott explains why ten years from now everyone will know what they do. It is important to have an expert with the necessary equipment, who understands how different things interact to help advise us on how to mitigate EMFs.

[42:18] – Going on airplane mode on your cell phone is an improvement but then we also need to block the blue light to avoid retinal problems and addiction problems. Scott believes it will be a bonus to business if they have a product that has something that deals with the issues built in. It is interesting to note that Steve Jobs didn’t let his own children use the technology they were producing.

[47:18] – Grounding is another method that can help mitigate things. However, it is dependent on the surrounding environment; Scott explains he will not take of his shoes and ground while he is in the city where there is a lot of wiring and the dirty electricity. He does it in nature where the power grid is not around. He also shares a good way to know if there is dirty electricity and stray voltage is if you experience heart arrhythmia after a few months of grounding. We need to know our situation fully!

[52:19] – How to make your bedroom better by avoiding common EMF issues. Quick tips include: don’t have anything plugged in near sleeping space (especially two-pronged ungrounded devices), don’t have your mobile phone plugged in or use it as alarm clock, don’t have alarm clock with an LED light and if you can shut of the wall circuit breaker of where you are sleeping.

[55:01] – Tips for EMF hygiene in the evening: minimising blue light exposure, minimise electronic exposure, start turning off lights, use incandescent lights as it has very little blue light and more red and IR, also Vitamin D and melatonin are important and you need to make sure you are getting enough.

[57:58] – For more information about EMF Warriors sign-up on their website to access their library of information on EMF health topics including: research papers, video interviews with experts in the field, news articles + loads more.