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In today’s interview I get to speak with co-founder and CEO of open source supplement company called Natural Stacks, Roy Krebs.

He shares some tips with us on how to ensure we are getting a quality CBD oil supplement in a market that is inundated with fake CBD oils and tainted products.

Roy is very passionate about maintaining transparency in labelling as well as honest sourcing of all ingredients.

We get a chance to talk about the lack of regulation in the CBD supplement industry and how it gives rise to sub-par products for the sake of profit.

Natural Stacks prides themselves on sourcing only the best products and lab-testing every batch to ensure quality. Something every company should be doing.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about:

  • What are the different types of CBD oils on the market
  • Why is lab testing important
  • What is the difference between boutique and industrial grown hemp
  • What are the different extraction processes
  • What is full-spectrum oil and why is it superior to isolates
  • What role does omega-3 play in the efficacy of CBD
  • What is the difference between marijuana vs hemp
  • What CBD products do Natural Stacks offer
  • What questions should I be asking companies

Then this interview is for them.

I really enjoyed this interview with Roy who is back again with some great information to help empower us when buying supplement products.

I loved his tips on things to look out for when sourcing a high-quality CBD oil as well as how to spot a respectable company and read lab-tests.

Special thanks to Roy for joining me on the show.

Enjoy the episode!

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[00:00] – Use the code “BIOHACKERSLAB” at and you will receive a discount on their CBD products.

[00:41] – Introducing Roy Krebs, co-founder and CEO of Natural Stacks. Natural Stacks is an open source supplements company that helps consumers improve mood, memory and focus.

[Biohackers Lab Tip: Listen to our previous episode with Roy on Natural Stacks Ingredient Quality and Transparency in the Supplement Industry].

[01:46] – There are a lot of fake CBD oils on the market that come in the form of synthetic oil, flax oil or a tainted product.

[02:18] – In turn, some serious side-effects can occur from fake CBD oil including, fainting, extreme headaches and dizziness.

[03:03] – Currently no regulation exists in the CBD oil industry. Roy explains how dietary supplements in general are very loosely regulated.

[04:26] – Roy explains some challenges he experienced when trying to source a high quality, natural CBD oil. Companies not knowing what plant strain they are using was just one example.

[07:15] – Roy explains the difference between a boutique and industrial grown hemp. The former is grown using organic practices, the later is mass produced using industrial practices.

[10:14] – The extraction process of cannabinoids is also important. There are three main ways to do this: solvent, CO2 and lipid. Roy explains the differences and why solvent extraction can be concerning due to the toxic solvents used.

[13:25] – CO2 is considered one of the cleanest ways of extracting hemp and is growing in popularity. Lipid extraction is also a clean way to extract but it is used less often.

[15:18] – Solvent and CO2 extracted CBD oils have to be mixed with a carrier oil. However, with lipid extracted oils you don’t have to add an additional oil.

[17:02] – Popular carrier oils are MCT and coconut. Similarly to vegetable oils, oxidation can happen. Roy explains that some oils are more stable than others. Shelf-life of high quality hemp oils is less than two years.

[18:16] – There is increasing demand and low supply. This means companies are not particular about the quality of CBD they are getting as long as they can meet demand, cheaply. Roy explains why CBD is the only molecule they are testing for and why isolates, rather than full spectrum products, are used.

[21:03] – What is spiking? When a company says they are using a full-spectrum oil, typically it is only 50% full-spectrum and 50% isolate. This can’t be picked up through lab testing but high-quality hemp oil will have only 50% (60% max) CBD by weight; ethical producers will list both.

[23:05]Tip: If it’s a higher percentage than that, some questions you might consider asking the company include: how did they achieve such high potency CBD, what extraction method was used, what hemp strain was used, what are the raw material COAs.

[23:49] – Most of the stuff on Amazon is mostly hemp seed oil. A good guide to ensure you are getting a good product can be the price and unusual side-effects. Residual solvents can cause negative side-effects.

[25:23] – Good CBD oils should have a relaxing effect, anti-anxiety effect, stress-relief effect and reduce inflammation. Roy believes that hemp extract is the most effective dietary supplement ingredient since omega-3 fatty-acids.

[26:11] – The demand for CBD is growing as people are increasingly looking for ways to relax. But it is important to look at what you are getting to ensure it is the real thing.

[27:19] – What about THC? Roy explains that the industrial hemp plant which all legal CBD comes from test at less than 0.3% THC. Full-spectrum hemp should have a little THC. Tip: If its a clean product it should say on the label <0.3% THC.

[29:28] – Most companies don’t test every batch but they should. We should demand each batch to be lab tested for cannabinoids, the terpene profile (each will make you feel a different way), residual pesticide, solvents and heavy metals test. Natural Stacks does this for all their products.

[32:50] – Roy believes in the future we will have more cannabinoid and terpene specific product for certain therapeutic benefits.

[34:10] – The United States Fram Bill that passed means there will be more varieties for farmers to farm completely legally. It also means more high quality large scale farmers will start growing hemp causing prices to drop. Education and quality will improve.

[37:20] – Many people confuse marijuana with hemp but hemp by definition contains less than 0.3% THC, which provides the high.

[38:57] – The dosage most adults need is less than most people might think (10-15 mg CBD). While you won’t overdose, Roy explains you may overwhelm your cannabinoid system.

[Biohackers lab tip: Listen to Dr Philip Blair MD explain how CBD oil helps in different conditions]

[40:42] – The number on the bottle refers to the total amount of CBD milligrams in the tincture. Soft gels or capsules may be easier to dose. Natural Stacks products come in 10 and 15 mg doses.

[42:11] – While researching carrier oils, Roy looked at absorption rates of CBD and found that deficiency of omega-3 prevents absorption of CBD effectively. Natural Stacks’ product Omega CBD uses algae fatty acids as a carrier oil.

[44:09] – Their other product called Dream CBD is designed for night time and has a higher dose helping you fall asleep faster. It uses lavender infused olive oil and a micro-dose of melatonin.

[46:00] – In terms of pricing, Natural Stacks aims to stay ahead of the market and priced accordingly. Their CBD products are priced at less than 0.10 cents per mg of CBD. They have a relationship with a small farm in Colorado and use two specific strains.

[48:03] – Many people today have omega-6/omega-3 oil ratios that are way too high. This might also decrease the effect of the CBD oil. A good tip is to take the CBD with a good omega-3 oil supplement.

[Biohackers lab tip: For more on the importance of omega-6/omega-3 ratios listen to our episode with Dr Artemis Simopoulos]

[51:00] – The first step is to look at the company’s lab tests. If they wont share them, it raises a red flag. To get the full benefit of CBD and hemp oil extract, a full spectrum product is the way to go.

[52:17] – To contact Roy with questions, contact him at [email protected]. If you are interested in the Natural Stacks CBD products check them out at Here you can find all the information and lab tests etc…