Blue tongues from taking blue cannatine
Myself and Alex Fergus Showing Our Blue Tongues from Taking Blue Cannatine
Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: February 7, 2021

I remember when I started making Bulletproof Coffee and how I got it so wrong to begin with. The number one reason I got it so wrong was that I was not using a blender to make my Bulletproof Coffee.

Are you are interested in boosting your mitochondria for more energy or why you are seeing people share Instagram pictures of their blue tongues?

Then you will want to a look into trying out Blue Cannatine from Troscriptions.

The tl;dr is – I can recommend Blue Cannatine as a good thing to try at least once to see how you feel. I trust Dr Ted and Dr Sherr and what they are up to.

What is Blue Cannatine?

Blue Cannatine is a buccal nootropic supplement developed by medical doctors, Dr Ted Achacoso and Dr Scott Sherr.

Blue Cannatine is designed to help you address some cognitive and physical manifestations of the hypothesised Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED) symptoms.

Single blue cannatine troche in the palm of a hand
Single Blue Cannatine Troche in the palm of my hand

Who Should Take Blue Cannatine?

People who should consider taking Blue Cannatine are those interested in nootropic and brain supplements that benefit your mitochondria.

Some examples of people I think who would benefit from trying Blue Cannatine would be:

  • Office workers wanting more energy in a stressful environment
  • Writers wanting to focus on a creative task
  • Mitochondriacs who want to take a supplement to support their mitochondria energy levels
  • Biohackers who want to experiment with methylene blue and nicotine
  • Regular nootropic users looking for a new neuroprotective supplement to try
  • People who feel they have a symptom related to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency like brain fog.

What Will You Feel Taking Blue Cannatine?

Taking Blue Cannatine you should feel a subtle lift in your cognitive energy levels without feeling too much energy too quickly.

Due to this subtle effect there should not be a crash in energy levels or feeling of tiredness after the active ingredients have worn off.


Ingredients listed on blue cannatine box
Ingredients listed on a box of Blue Cannatine

Per serving size of 1 blue cannatine troche:

Active Ingredients

  • Methylene Blue – 5 mg
  • Nicotine Polacrilex – 1 mg
  • Caffeine – 50 mg
  • Hemp Extract – 5 mg

Other Ingredients

Polyethelyne glycol, stevia extract, lou han extract, peppermint, silica, Bitter-Bloc™


The recommended Blue Cannatine dosage to start with is ¼-½ of a single troche. You can then increase to taking a full troche. 1 troche should be taken every 3 to 4 hours if needed.

The maximum amount of blue cannatine troche’s you can take in a 24 hour period is four.

Benefits of Blue Cannatine

1. Methylene Blue Benefits

The benefits of Methylene Blue are:

2. Nicotine Benefits

3. Hemp Extract Benefits

4. Caffeine Benefits


Everyone will see a beneficial side effect of taking Blue Cannatine, which is your tongue will have a temporary blue discolouration where the troche has dissolved.

If you have never ingested any of the active ingredients before then these might be some things to be aware of before taking them.

  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Nicotine sensitivity
  • Methylene blue drug interactions – If you are taking a SSRI or MAOI medication, or ingesting a plant that my have this same effect it is then recommended not to take Blue Cannatine for risk of serotonin syndrome. I recommend you read the FDA drug safety note on this warning.

The risk of experiencing any moderate to severe side effect from taking Blue Cannatine is probably very low, however, check the troscription website for further details and consult your physician.

How to Take Blue Cannatine

Step 1 – Choose the Dose

Start by deciding how much of the blue cannatine troche you want to take. Beginners are recommended ¼ – ½ of a troche.

Step 2 – Apply in the Correct Postion

Insert the troche dosage you have chosen between your gum and cheek. It doesn’t matter if you choose the left or right side or the upper or lower gum. Most people will do the buccal application between the upper cheek and gum.

Step 3 – Leave the Troche Alone

You might be tempted to help the troche dissolve faster, but you do not need to do that. It is recommended to minimise the movement of the troche and let it naturally dissolve at its own pace The founders like to call this going #SubtleSmurf.

Step 4 – Experience the Feeling

You don’t need to anything else now except just experience the feeling that comes with taking blue cannatine. If you want a faster, stronger effect to be felt then moving the troche to make it dissolve faster will get you that experience, which the Troscription founders like to call going #FullSmurf.

How to Open a Box of Blue Cannatine

Some people have found it a struggle to know how to open the packaging Blue Cannatine comes in.

Watch the video demonstration from Dr Ted to learn how to easily open the box.

Where to Buy Blue Cannatine?

You can only purchase Blue Cannatine directly from the Troscriptions online store.

Blue click for current price button
Use the Blue Cannatine coupon code – biohackerslab – at the Troscription website here to get a nice 10% discount on your purchase.