Young fussy eater couple
Couple who don’t want to eat keto diet foods like fresh meat and veg
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I know it can be hard for some people to be able to eat some of the recommended keto-friendly foods when starting a keto diet – these are 10 low carb meal ideas for a picky eater in your family.

What Is a Fussy Eater?

A picky eater is also known as a fussy or choosy eater and is defined as someone who has an unwillingness to eat familiar foods, or to try new foods, as well as strong food preferences.

We normally associate this type of eating habit with children, but adults can be just as fussy about what foods they are willing to eat.

Keto Recipe Ideas for a Picky Eater

Here are ten easy meal ideas to try when you are looking for how to help feed a picky eater who is trying to follow a ketogenic diet.

1. Keto Egg and Bacon Breakfast

Two fried eggs and cooked bacon rashers on a plate

Some tasty low carb versions of breakfast that you can provide a fussy eater are simple cooked eggs with bacon.

If you are making scrambled eggs, add lots of butter. Unfortunately, some fussy eaters will struggle with runny fried eggs, soft boiled eggs or poached egg dishes. But eggs, can be a great source of daily protein requirements.

Avoid the toast unless it is a low carb toast made from low-carb flour options.

2. Keto Coffee for Breakfast

Creamy coffee with butter on a wooden table

Keto coffee recipes, like Bulletproof Coffee, can help those who do not like eating breakfast.

Drinking coffee with lots of good fat in it can help a person avoid adding sugar or dairy milk into their morning coffee and give them a boost of healthy fats to aid maintaining their nutritional ketosis levels.

The famous Bulletproof coffee recipe uses freshly brewed mold tested coffee, MCT oil and butter or ghee all mixed together in a blender for hot liquids.

3. Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

Small and large Ample K bottles on a wooden table with natural ingredients

Keto meal replacement shakes can help someone who struggles to eat enough meat or low carb vegetables per day. These low net carb shakes are also good for taking to work for lunch or when travelling.

Good keto shakes that you can buy come in different tasty flavors like vanilla and chocolate, which should satisfy a fussy eater who craves sweet things.

The shakes also provide a decent amount of needed vitamins, minerals and fibre to avoid missing out on daily nutritional needs.

You can see my list of recommended keto meal replacement shake brands to help get you started.

4. Low Carb Pasta Alternatives

Creamy spiralized zucchini on a plate

Eating a low carb pasta alternative is a good option for someone who cannot live without pasta dishes. You can use low carb pasta recipes for lunch or dinner meals.

Make a keto spaghetti pasta dish using zucchini that’s been spiralized into noodles to give the feel of spaghetti without the high net carbs.

Try making homemade pasta using almond flour vs regular flour in order to make your lasagne keto-friendly.

5. Keto Mac & Cheese

Cauliflower mac and cheese dish on a wood kitchen counter top

You can make a ketogenic diet version of the classic macaroni and cheese dish. What you would do is substitute the wheat flour macaroni for cauliflower, but still get to add the melted cheese sauce on top.

Here is an easy to follow recipe on how to make keto mac & cheese.

6. Bunless Burgers

Bunless burger with cheese on a wooden board

Serve a burger without the bread bun by placing the burger patty between two slices of lettuce leaves. This makes it possible to pick it up and eat it like a burger without the bread.

Fill the burger with cheese and add some avocado. You can add some real mayonnaise to add some sauce to make it taste even more. Avoid adding any ketchup, which normally contains too much sugar.

You can do the same by making low carb vegetarian, or meat filling, sandwiches using lettuce leaves that have very low net carbs.

7. Keto-Carnivore Dishes

Grilled black angus steak ribeye on wooden board with knife and fork

Some adults just do not like eating any vegetables and might even gag on them when they try to eat them. They would prefer to eat just steak and eggs everyday.

Some people can also react badly to certain vegetables, as Dr Paul Mason mentioned, which is contributing to their inflammation or weight gain.

Eating a diet of only meat and fat and staying in nutritional ketosis is an option to consider for some fussy eaters.

Listen to the interviews of Dr Zsofia Clemens where she explains what is the paleo-ketogenic diet and how it can be healthy to follow, or Dr Shawn Baker on why he loves following a carnivore diet lifestyle.

8. Keto-Vegetarian Dishes

Some adults just do not like the taste of eating meat or even the thought of eating animal products.

For this type of picky eater I would recommend listening to Dr Carrie Diulus and Dr Will Cole who both offer useful tips on how to eat a vegetarian, or a vegan, version of the ketogenic diet.

It is possible to get raised ketone levels when only eating low carb vegetables, plus getting enough daily protein and healthy omega fats at the same time.

It is a good idea to also look at taking an algae omega 3 oil supplement as well.

9. Keto Cookies for Dessert

Eating low carb cookies can help a fussy eater who is struggling without getting that dessert feel from their daily meals or after dinner meal.

You can make keto-friendly cookies at home using almond or coconut flour.

An alternative is that you can also buy keto cookies to keep in the kitchen pantry cupboard for easy to get to emergency snack needs.

10. Low Carb Nut Butter Snacks

Closeup view of creamy nut butter in a jar
What Are the Best Nut Butters for Keto to Buy?

Low carb nut butters are a good alternative to spread on a sandwich or to spoon it out a tub for those who miss eating peanut butter when going keto.

Watch out though as even good low carb nut butter brands made from macadamia, almond or cashew nuts can easily be over eaten and provide too many calories, which could stall weight loss from some.