Tasty Cooked Beef Bone Marrow
Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: January 16, 2023

Bone marrow when cooked properly just melts in your mouth like butter and is delicious.

If you are starting the carnivore diet then we highly recommend cooking bone marrow to create some taste variety in your meal plans, plus, to get some more nose to tail nutrition as Dr Saladino would say.

Marrow bones are also used to make home-made bone broth vs buying pre-made bone broth.

We recommend trying to first buy beef bone marrow from your local butcher to support them. But, sometimes it is just easier to buy quality bone marrow from an online shop like one listed below.

Best Places to Buy Bone Marrow Online

1. US Wellness Meats Bone Marrow

The homepage of grasslandbeef.com
Source: grasslandbeef.com

You will be able to buy different types of marrow bones from US Wellness Meats which will be delivered to homes in the US. Their cattle and lambs are sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. The variety of bone marrow products for sale include:

  • Beef long marrow bones
  • Beef medium marrow bones
  • Beef thin marrow bones
  • Canoe-cut beef marrow bones
  • Lamb marrow bones
Buy at US Wellness Meats

2. Whole Foods Bone Marrow

Source: wholefoodsmarket.com

You can walk into a Whole Foods butcher section if a store is near you, or you can buy bone marrow to cook from Whole Foods by ordering it online through Amazon. The selection isn’t as vast as other stores in this list, but this option should be accessible to homes in different US cities.

Click to buy product on Amazon

3. Seven Sons Bone Marrow

The homepage of sevensons.net
Source: sevensons.net

You can buy grass-fed beef marrow bones that are cut to smaller sizes to make it easy to fit in a pot if you wish to make beef bone broth with your marrow bones. They have a selection of meaty bones for broths and soups and bones with little meat on them. Delivery is to all states in the US except for Hawaii and Alaska. They recommend using their online tool to check delivery area availability.

Buy at Seven Sons

4. TruBeef Organic

The homepage of trubeeforganic.com
Source: truorganicbeef.com

You can buy organic bone marrow for cooking from TruBeef Organic that is also from grass-fed or grass finished cattle. They provide a 2 inch bone marrow cut only as they say this allows more people to easily oven roast or place them in a pot for making broth.

Buy At TruBeef Organics

5. The Ethical Butcher Bone Marrow

The homepage of ethicalbutcher.co.uk
Source: ethicalbutcher.co.uk

The Ethical Butcher is a good choice for people looking to buy bone marrow online in the UK. Reading online you can see that they want the animals to sustainably raised by eating an organic grass-fed diet, whilst being free-range outside. They have one option of split long marrow bones that you can grill or oven cook.

Buy At The Ethical Butcher

6. Australian Organic Meat Co. Bone Marrow

The homepage of ausorganicmeatco.com.au
Source: ausorganicmeatco.com.au

The Australian Organic Meat Company is a good choice for people looking to buy marrow bones online in Australia. It is run be farmers who have been farming for more than 40 years and are looking at ways to farm that are best for the animals and the environment. The only option we could see available are the organic beef marrow bones that will be delivered to your door in environmentally packaging if you live in Australia. We like the selection of other items we can see you can buy online through their shop.

Buy At The Australian Organic Meat Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Bone Marrow Near Me

The best place near you to buy bone marrow is your local butcher. Find out if they stock, or can source you, bone marrow bones as they can also split the bones for you and cut them to the size you want.

Can You Buy Bone Marrow from Butchers?

Yes you can bone marrow directly from your local butcher. They can cut the bones to your desired thickness too.

Is Bone Marrow Considered a Delicacy?

Yes, bone marrow is served in high-end restaurants as it has been considered a delicacy.

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