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Normally you would only get picanha in your local Brazilian steakhouse, but there are meat delivery services now that you can buy picanha from.

Picanha is pronounced “pee-kahn-yah” and is considered the “queen of steaks” – the “king of steaks” title goes to ribeye steak, which most people beginning a carnivore diet know about.

Picanha is also know as rump cap, rump cover, sirloin cap or culotte steak and is a cut of beef that is taken from the top of the rump on top of a fat cap.

Normally you wouldn’t find picanha sold in your local supermarket, maybe your local butcher, but luckily you can buy picanha from an online shop like one listed below.

Best Places to Buy Picanha Online

1. TruBeef Organic

TruBeef Organic sell a certified organic picanha that is grass fed and grass finished. The organic beef is sourced from Australia.

You can buy them as a single 12 oz. picanha steak or in bulk as twenty two 12 oz. picanha steaks.

TruBeef Organic is one of our favorite meat delivery companies with a great selection of healthy beef options that also support regenerative farming to help pastures stay healthy for years to come.

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2. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow give you an option of two types of picanha:

  1. Regular picanha
  2. Wagyu coulotte steak.

The regular picanha can be bought as either as a 2 lbs 100% grass-fed picanha steak or pasture raised picanha steak. The wagyu coulotte steak comes as an 8 oz option to buy.

We like about Crowd Cow is the transparency in that they allow you top shop from their farms that they source from. So you can see the country of origin (USA, New Zealand, Japan & Uruguay) and what each farm is certified in.

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3. Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms sells an American wagyu black grade picanha steak.

This picanha comes in the traditional triangle shape and can be sliced into steaks, grilled or roasted, however you would like to cook you picanha.

The beef is sourced from the herd who roam at Double R Ranch in Loomis, Washington.

4. Porter Road

Porter Road sell a dry aged picanha that is also from a pasture raised, hormone-free & antibiotic free herd.

The beef is sourced from cattle raised on farms in Kentucky and Tennessee and the picanha is also butchered at the Porter Road facility in Kentucky.

Not only can you order your meat online for home delivery, they also have a butcher shop in Nashville that you can go visit to purchase your meat in-person or some grocery stores in Hendersonville and Nashville.

5. Grow & Behold

Grow & Behold sell what they call a mock picanha. The reason they call it a mock version is the meat is cut from the shoulder-eye of their pastured Black Angus beef cattle.

If you are looking for kosher picanha then Grow & Behold is a good choice for you as their meat is certified Kosher.

The meat is said to be sourced from US farms. You can buy in the quantities that you need from 3 lbs up to 4 lbs of picanha.

6. Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company picanha has been aged for up to 28 days and comes in a size of 3-4 lbs.

The meat is USDA Choice and the meat is sourced from beef herds that are raised in the US, mainly from the Kansas Stock Yards.

As an added bonus if you buy your picanha from Kansas City Steak Company they will send you a 1 oz packet of KC Steak Original Steak Seasoning.

7. Farmison & Co

If you are looking for picanha in the UK then I would look at shopping at Farmison & Co.

You can get a tasty picanha steak that comes from heritage British breeds that are native and rare breeds like dexter or galloway cows.

The beef cattle are free-range and grass-fed with the meat dry-aged. Farmison & Co. meat selection looks like an excellent choice if you live in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Picanha Near Me

The best place near you to buy picanha steaks are from your local butcher. Find out if they stock picanha, or can source it for you. Another option is to speak to a local farmer at a farmers market to find out the best place near you to get picanha cuts of meat.

Is Picanha Steak a Good Cut?

Yes, picanha is a great cut of meat which is why it is called the queen of steaks just behind everyones favorite cut being the ribeye steak.

Why Is Picanha So Hard to Find?

Picanha is hard to find in the US as it is still a niche cut where most US butchers will cut the picanha meat down into other popular cuts like loin, rump, round, top sirloin cap rump.

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