Bison in a field
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When you eat bison meat you can know you are going to enjoy something similar to beef, but not quite.

Bison is a traditional meat that has been eaten for centuries in both the US and Europe. However, only due to the passion of bison ranchers has the bison line survived.

Most bison (a.k.a American buffalo) are raised in their natural habitat roaming out on the grass plains; making bison meat a great choice if you are looking for an alternative to grass fed beef.

Once a person has learnt how to start a carnivore diet they start wanting to explore the world of other types of red meat, like Bison buffalo.

Normally you wouldn’t find bison sold in your local supermarket, maybe your local butcher, but luckily you can buy bison from an online shop like one listed below.

Best Places to Buy Bison Online

1. Northstar Bison

Northstar Bison has been passionate about offering bison meat direct to the public since 1997. Located in northwest Wisconsin, Northstar raise bison on their own farm and also source bison meat from 10 other local family run ranchers who all practice holistic resource management. The Northstar bison meat is dry aged for 7 days then wet aged for the last 14 days to make sure there is zero-waste of the animal and provide a great tasting meat.

2. Nebraska Bison

Nebraska Bison source their bison meat from the bison herd on their own farm in Nebraska and also work with other local ranchers to source meat for their online store. You can buy various cuts of bison from bison NY strip steaks and bison filet mignon to bison sausages and bison jerky. The company say their bison are free from steroids, hormones or antibiotics and just eat grass that they graze as the roam freely around the ranches.

3. Buck Wild Bison

Buck Wild Bison raise their bison on their New Jersey bison farm, but ship state wide. If you are a first time buyer of bison meat they provide a nice option to buy a bison meat sampler bundle. Otherwise, you can shop for bison ribeye, bison ground meat, bison burgers, bison hotdogs and more.

4. The Honest Bison

The Honest Bison company sell 100% grass fed bison meat products alongside other types of meats. The meat comes from farms in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Oregon. You can get some nice cuts like their bison tomahawk, bison brisket, bison skirt steak and other types of cuts with no meat wasted.

5. US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats is one of our top recommended online meat delivery stores and they have a heritage meats section, which includes having bison meat for sale. We weren’t able to see where in the US the meat is sourced from and will be emailing them to find out. You will find a decent selection of bison products from bison chuck roast & stew meat to bison tenderloin fillet & patties for hamburgers.

6. Northfork Bison

If you live in Canada then you can buy bison meat online from Northfork Bison and have it delivered to your door. The bison come from ranches in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. They are not 100% grass fed being grain fed for about 100-150 days before harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco Carry Bison Meat?

Yes, you can buy Northstar Bison meat products from Costco.

Where to Buy Fresh Bison Meat Near Me?

The best place near you to buy the fresh bison steaks would be from a local rancher or farmer who raises a bison herd to help support them. You can search the National Bison Association directory to search your local area.

Can I Buy Bison?

Yes, bison is a meat that anyone can purchase and is readily available from local farmer markets, butchers and online meat delivery services.

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