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Elk meat is a great alternative to red meat like beef, but it is not readily available in grocery stores to buy.

For a person who follows a carnivore diet way of eating they might want to eat wild animals meat for health reasons, as venison like elk graze in wild fields and forests and so might be healthier than farmed cattle.

Normally you wouldn’t find elk meat products sold in your local supermarket, maybe your local butcher, but luckily you can buy elk from an online meat delivery services like one listed below.

If you have a favorite elk meat supplier you like to buy from online, please let us know!

Best Places to Buy Elk Meat Online

1. Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Butchery

Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Butchery has a great selection of exotic meats through their online meat delivery shop including elk meats. Their elk are raised on free range pastures in New Zealand. The elk meat is wet aged for 21 days. There is a decent selection of elk cuts on sale including elk tomahawk steaks and elk rib chops. You can also buy exotic elk sausage flavors like elk with bacon and cheese sausage and elk with apple, pear and port wine sausage.

2. US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats sells elk meat from elk that are grass fed in the Rocky Mountain region. There is not a large selection of cuts to choose from. They sell 1 lb ground elk meat and elk patties, so as we said quote limited in types of elk meat cuts available.

3. Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms source their meat from Roosevelt elk that graze in their natural environment of grasses, plants and bark in central Canada. Another source of their meat are Wapiti elk from New Zealand. Their elk are free from antibiotics, steroids and hormones. You will get a a good selection of regular like elk flank steak and elk medallions and rare cuts of meat like elk osso buco and elk rib chop.

4. Steaks & Game

Steaks & Game is an online meat store that stock specialty gourmet meats from around the world and deliver to all US states. Their Cervena elk are raised on farms in New Zealand and guarantee they are free from antibiotic, steroid and hormones and have not eaten any GMO feed. You can choose from elk frenched 2 rib rack and elk NY Strop loin to more rare cuts like elk shoulder and elk trim.

5. Yankee Farmer’s Market

If you want elk meat from the New Hampshire area then you can shop on Yankee Farmer’s Market website. The owners, Brian and Keira Farmer, started the company in 1998 and have expanded their range of meats for sale over time. The product selection you buy is not too large but there is elk ground meat and elk sirloin steaks for sale. They do deliver country wide around the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Elk Meat Near Me?

The best place near you to buy elk meat products is from your local wild game butcher. If they don’t have it then find out if they can source it for you. Another option is to speak to a local rancher or farmer at a farmers market to find out the best place near you to get elk meat.

What Do You Call Elk Meat?

Elk meat can also be called venison meat which refers to meat from large wild game species like elk, deer and others.

Is Elk More Than Expensive Than Steak?

Yes, elk meat is more likely to be cost more per pound of kilogram vs beef as it is not sold in the same quantities as beef steak is and is seen as a more exotic meat.

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