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Traditionally, beef tallow has so many useful functions; from being used in the kitchen as a cooking oil to an ingredient for making soaps and candles. This is why beef tallow has been used for hundreds of years.

Now for someone who has just started a carnivore diet, using an animal based cooking oil like beef tallow is a great alternative to plant based cooking oils like canola oil or coconut oil.

Beef tallow is the rendered fat of a cow and is different to other traditional animal fats like lard or seut.

One nice benefit of beef tallow is it has a high smoke point; making it good for roasting, frying and baking recipes.

Normally you wouldn’t find beef tallow products sold in your local supermarket, maybe your local butcher, but luckily you can buy beef tallow from an online brands shop or some mainstream grocery chains companies like ones listed below.

If you have a favorite beef tallow supplier you like to buy from online, please let us know!

Best Places to Buy Beef Tallow Online

Fatworks Foods

Fatworks Foods is a brand that specialise in selling animal based cooking oils, like tallow. You have the choice of buying either organic grass fed beef tallow, or just grass fed beef tallow tubs. Fatworks say that their beef tallow comes from pasture raised, 100% grass-fed and grass finished cows. You can also read more about the farms they work with and where the beef herd come from like Grass Roots Farmer Co-Op. Their beef tallow is shipped in glass jars in sizes of 14 oz. (396 g).

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats sell lots of different grass fed animal products, including beef tallow. US Wellness Meats is the best option if you are looking to buy beef tallow in bulk, as they sell tubs of beef tallow in 1.5 lbs up to 5 gallons sizing options. The only downside might be that the tallow comes delivered in plastic containers and not in glassware, but that is to be expected when shipping large tubs of beef tallow.


Amazon sell various beef tallow brand options like Fatwork Foods, Epic provisions, Essential Depot and others companies listed here. You can also get different types of beef tallow from grass fed to wagyu beef tallow product options. Amazon themselves don’t make the beef tallow, but just let you have the convenience of being able to buy the products using your Amazon Prime for possible free shipping and checkout convenience.

Frankie’s Free Range Meats

Frankie’s Free Range Meats is the brand of Frank Tufano, who we interviewed on the podcast about his raw carnivore experience. Frankie’s Free Range Meats sells beef tallow in one option, but we are unable to see more information as we can’t see the nutritional label from the online shop. We can see that the beef is sourced from gras fed cows either in NZ, Australia or local New York farms.


Walmart is a good choice for people who prefer to do their bulk grocery shop from them. Walmart sell various beef tallow brand options like Fatworks Food, Cornhutch Kitchens and others. It was a nice surprise to see you can buy grass fed Wagyu beef tallow at Walmart.

Coombe Farm Organic

Coombe Farm Organic is a great choice if you are looking where to buy beef tallow in the UK. They only sell the one option which is the Coombe Farm Organic beef tallow that comes in packs of 130 g. I like that they even post with recyclable paper and recommend you reuse the ice packs that come with the beef tallow box. Coombe Farm Organic is a brand that is certified Soil Association Organic and prides itself on the highest standards of animal welfare. They also butcher their own meats so they know what happens along the full process of pasture to plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Beef Tallow Near Me?

The best place near you to buy beef tallow products is from your local farmers market, butcher or independent grocery store. If they don’t have it find out if they can they source it for you. Another option is to speak to a local rancher or farmer at a farmers market to find out the best place near you to get beef tallow.

Does Beef Tallow Need to Be Refrigerated?

Beef tallow does not need to be refrigerated all the time. According to Tru Organic Beef you can store beef tallow in an airtight container at room temperature and it won’t go rancid for up to one year. But, you can store beef tallow in a refrigerator to keep reduce the chance of it going rancid and lasting longer.

Is Lard and Tallow the Same Thing?

No, lard is a term used to refer to rendered pork fat whereas tallow is used to refer to rendered beef fat.

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