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Hey there,

So you’d like to take your health to try get to the root of a problem and take your health to the next level right? Great this is how I can help you. :)

Why Choose to Speak with a Health Coach?

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As you learn more and more about different aspects of a condition or different types of techniques to improve your health more and more questions might come to your mind. It can be hard sometimes to make sense of all the different opinions and answers you might find out on the internet.

It is a big world and loads of forums, webpages and websites might say different things. It also means information is all over the place from pubmed research articles, to doctors and specialist websites, health podcasts, youtube videos of conferences and interviews with experts in different fields etc…

You know what I mean already.

Information is scattered all over the internet and you need three things:

  1. Time to find it,
  2. Know how to try find it
  3. Make sense of the info in order to get the right answers to your questions.

This is the main reason why I’m offering my biohacking health coaching consultations. To help pull my personal knowledge of health all in one place for you to ask me one to one online.

You are getting access to my years of knowledge from my university degree in Chiropractic, to my years of knowledge from speaking and dealing with thousands of patients since 2004 for various conditions, to all the post-graduate health courses I’ve attended, to all the health; medical and biohacking conferences, like the Bulletproof conference, that I’ve attended, to all the information from listening to hours of health related podcasts; watching hours of online health summit and webinar videos and speaking face to face with experts in different health fields at events around the world.

Just some of the experts in the LCHF diet and biohacking work I’ve been following over the years include: Dave Asprey the Bulletproof Exec, Jimmy Moore ketogenic diet and fasting expert, Ben Greenfield high level athlete and a biohacking personal trainer; to Prof Tim Noakes, Banting diet and sport scientist who is an A1 rated science researcher by the National Research Foundation of South Africa.

The end goal is to help you try find your answers and get coaching guidance without you wasting hours getting lost on the web, getting frustrated and then not knowing who to speak too.

What to Expect During A Coaching Consult

My special interests in areas of knowledge in health are very varied. It goes from how to control pain, eating a low-carbohydrate high-fat diet (LCHF or ketogenic) for weight management in men and women, taking supplements and nootroopics, electrical treatment options, using orthotics for flat feet and joint pain, health apps, gadgets and much more. Below are some ideas of the things that might interest you in asking me more about.

Having been a practicing chiropractor I’m proficient in muscle, joint and nervous system disorders and how to assess them and treatment options for them. For example this would be your lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, pinched or trapped nerves feeling, sprained joints etc…

However, I look at a person as a whole. For example, if pain management is the goal then I also like to know your emotional state, particularly around the time of pain onset, your daily movement habit routine at home and work, and your type of diet and supplements.

To help control pain levels I know one point might be the only solution. You need to try reduce the stress (physical, emotional and chemical) to help the nervous system decrease pain levels and allow the body to heal itself.

Then there is my biohacking passion. Being a biohacker means I like to do self-experimentation to see if it has a positive or negative health effect. It also means I can relate to someone else better if they try something out or ask me about something that both they and I have done.

I personally have done a low-fat diet, but then converted to a low-carb high-fat diet since 2012. I did my first major “biohack” to see what happens when you drink butter in coffee and eat lots of healthy fats. Long story short I lost 15kg (33 pounds) in weight in 8 months without trying, but went down a rabbit hole of discovery around cardiovascular risk factors and how to assess blood work like cholesterol and imaging tests like coronary artery calcium scan (CAC scan) and carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT scan).

My other passion from this has been brain health. I personally feel that many adults focus too much on weight and physique versus taking care of their central nervous systems (brains). We need a robust and health nervous system all our lives no matter our age. So I want a strong health nervous system even when I’m 90 years old. I want to prevent memory loss, brain fog, depression and chronic stress as these are real risks most adults face everyday and don’t actively look to deal with at times till its too late.

A gym might be a place you think everyone is going to get healthy, but are they? I don’t see gyms with brain training regions to help people cope better with life and then be able to make themselves physically strong too. Looking physically strong (muscular) or in good shape (slim) is just one step to optimal health.

I hope I haven’t lost you with my thoughts up to this point and yo can see how I like to look at the bigger picture and give you tips, hints and guidance to whatever you health goals might be.

How to Book an Appointment Time Slot

I currently have two coaching time slot options available:

  1. Thirty minute time slot (30mins) – $50
  2. One hour time slot (1 hour) – $100

You get to choose whatever time option suits you best. Need a quick answer to a specific question or idea to bounce off then the 30 min slot works well. Want a longer chat if you have a complicated health story or lots of questions then the 1 hour slot is best.

What will happen after you make the payment you will automatically get sent to another page on this site to make the arrangement for a time to speak with me over Skype or the phone if that is more convenient.

For availability of booking a time please send an email using the contact form here.

It is your time and I’m here to listen. So I will let you speak for as long as you want, but just be aware then if you have lots to say then it uses up your allocated coaching time. I will both listen and ask you questions to further pick points out that need more clarity for me. From the information you provide be it what you say in the coaching consult, blood results you have, X-rays or MRI scans you send me I will then be able to provide answers to your questions.

The most important thing for me is to know why are speaking to me, what is the problem you are trying to solve. Once we have a clear goal then we can work towards helping you to achieve that goal.

Solutions to specific health problems is one reason for health coaching, but I like looking at long-term wellness solutions too. So even if you are already “healthy”, but want to optimise all aspects of life and want to bounce ideas off me then I’m hear to help.

I look forward to meeting you and being apart of your health journey to living a better life, feeling happier and full of energy so you can achieve your ambitions.

Yours sincerely,

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