Red Ketonix Stick Breath Ketone Analyzer
Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: February 6, 2020

Ketonix AB is a brand that has been making ketone levels testing devices that measure breath acetone levels since 2013. The company is based in Sweden and was founded by current owner Michel Lundell.

Ketonix were the first major keto brand, I know of, making a device that only focuses on the most accurate breath ketone measurements for tracking ketosis. These devices are called the Ketonix® Red or Ketonix® Blue.

If you have been a reader of the site before, you’ll know that I used the concepts from the Bulletproof diet and a lot Bulletproof coffee to help put me into nutritional ketosis and lose a bucket load of weight.

That sent me down the should I be checking for ketones, but also thinking well if I’m eating (and drinking) so much saturated fat have I reached and maintained a level of nutritional ketosis?

I really wanted to know too as nutritional ketosis (not diabetic ketosis!!) is meant to be the place where your brain is meant to work better.

It is also the place where, if you do suffer epileptic seizures, that it helps to reduce the frequency of them. Now I don’t have epilepsy, but I do like the idea I am helping my central nervous system function at a better state.

I’ve chosen Ketonix as one of my recommended ketosis measuring devices for several years now, here is why.

Blood Vs Breath Ketones Testing

I think a lot of people try guess when they have hit the magical place called nutritional ketosis.

However, we learnt from ketone researcher Dr Brianna Stubbs interview that the three ways to measure ketone levels are using either:

  1. Blood BHB levels
  2. Urine acetoacetate levels
  3. Breath acetone levels

Measuring acetone levels in your breath is the new kid on the block for testing level of nutrional ketosis.

Why Breath Acetone Levels Are Best

Listen to Michel Lundell’s interview on episode 14 of the Biohackers Lab podcast.

Michel explains from his personal tests why he feels measuring breath acetone levels is better than relying on blood beta-hydroxybuytrate levels for tracking how deep into nutritional ketosis you are.

In this online interactive Prezi presentation are great visual overview of the differences between blood ketone testing and Ketonix.

This was also written by Michel Lundell, the inventor of the Ketonix.

Here is a longer online Prezi presentation looking at testing breath acetone levels vs beta-hydroxybutrate blood levels when trying to determine nutritional ketosis state.

Ketonix Benefits

  • One-time fee
  • Reusable
  • No finger pricking for blood needed
  • Can sync test results with app on phone

Ketonix Red vs Blue Option

In the past ketonix had the old red “sport” version which was more sensitive in showing how far into ketosis you are than the standard blue one.

Now the choice is simpler.

The Blue Ketonix has a built in Bluetooth emitter to be able to help you sync your breath acetone levels to the official Ketonic app on your cellphone (iOS or Android).

The Red Ketonix does not have the built in Bluetooth and relies on a USB connection to your Windows PC or Apple Mac OS to download the test results.

Either one is a perfect choice for anyone who is starting out on a ketogenic, or low carb high fat diet.

Both the Blue and Red Ketonix can work using one the official Ketonix lithium ion batteries, or directly from the USB cable charge option

Both device options will measure for the same accuracy and range of acetone levels.

The main choice for you is do you want the Bluetooth option to easily sync results when you want to your phone, or do you want no Bluetooth for EMF reduction reasons.

Unboxing the Ketonix

This was my unboxing video of me opening my then new red ‘sport’ version of the ketonix breath analyser, with the optional battery pack.

N.B. The company has since done some big product changes and you have an option of a red or blue ketonix stick now. Still, this video I feel will help you know what to expect in your parcel when your arrives in the post.

Where to Buy Ketonix

The best place to buy a Ketonix is through the official Ketonix online shop.

Ketonix with Bluetooth

Click for product price green button

Other product options available to buy are?

  • Ketonix Red
  • Ketonix Clinic Packages
  • Bluetooth® USB Adapter for Windows
  • Disposable Mouthpieces (50 pieces)

Ketonix Coupon Codes

Use code BIOHACKER at checkout on – valid until the end of July 2017.

Occasionally I have seen a valid ketonix coupon becoming available for short periods of time from the manufacturer in Sweden.

If I find a discount code or promo that is current then I’ll list them here for you to try out:

  1. Use “BIOHACKER” to get a discount at checkout – valid until the end of July 2017.
  2. Use “LowCarbBreck” to get 15% off – valid until 11th March 2017 for Low Carb Breckenridge Conference
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The Ketonix is a good option for someone who wants to test their level of ketosis frequently.

There are many alternatives coming onto the market now, but I can still easily recommended Ketonix as a trusted breath ketone meter brand to family, friends and anyone following Biohackers Lab.