Red Ketonix Stick Breath Ketone Analyzer

If you have been a reader of the site before, you’ll know that I used the concepts from the Bulletproof diet and a lot Bulletproof coffee to help put me into nutritional ketosis and lose a bucket load of weight.

That sent me down the should I be checking for ketones, but also thinking well if I’m eating (and drinking) so much saturated fat have I reached and maintained a level of nutritional ketosis?

I really wanted to know too as nutritional ketosis (not diabetic ketosis!!) is meant to be the place where your brain is meant to work better.

It is also the place where, if you do suffer epileptic seizures, that it helps to reduce the frequency of them. Now I don’t have epilepsy, but I do like the idea I am helping my central nervous system function at a better state.

That is another reason why I experiment with and do take various supplements, like unfair advantage, adaptogenic herbs and nootropics for the brain. (more on those to come)

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Blood Vs Breath Ketones Testing

I think a lot of people try guess when they have hit the magical place called nutritional ketosis.

However, we learnt from ketone researcher Dr Brianna Stubbs interview that the three ways to measure ketone levels are using either blood strips, urine testing strips or breath acetone levels.

Measuring acetone levels in your breath is the new kid on the block for testing ketone levels..

Now I think that is awesome not having to prick or finger all the time and also saving on not buying ketone strips from a pharmacy.

Why Acetone Breath Levels Are Best

Listen to Michel Lundell’s interview on episode 14 of the Biohackers Lab podcast. He explains from his tests why he feels measuring breath acetone levels is better than beta-hydroxybuytrate levels.

In this online interactive Prezi presentation are great visual overview of the differences between blood ketone testing and Ketonix.

This was also written by Michel Lundell, the inventor of the Ketonix.

Here is a longer online Prezi presentation looking at testing breath acetone levels vs beta-hydroxybutrate blood levels when trying to determine nutritional ketosis state.


Check out my video of me unboxing of my then new sport version of the ketonix breath analyser with the optional battery pack.

N.B. The company has since done some changes and you have an option of a red or blue ketonix stick now. Still, this video I feel will help you know what to expect in your parcel when your arrives in the post.

Device Invention History

If you don’t know too much about the development of the stick then click here to listen to the inventor, Michel Lundell, on episode 835 of the Livin La Vida Low Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.

Ketonix Red vs Blue Option

Like you saw I had the old “sport” version which is more sensitive in showing how far into ketosis you are than the standard one.

These are the latest model names:

Struggling to decide which one to choose?

Either one is a perfect choice for anyone who is starting out on a ketogenic or low carb high fat diet.

Personally I thought, well if I’m going to get one for the whole family to use (wife and child too) I see it as a long-term investment so why not go for the one with a bigger range of values.

Both work the same way and charge up the same way using the usb battery charger. So for a little bit extra just get the top of the range and unlock all features possible.

Where to Buy One

Get your hands on one of these cool reusable breath ketone analyser via these two options:

Ketonix Red 2017
Price Disclaimer
  1. For US and UK based biohackers you can easily shop online at Amazon for either the Ketonix Blue or Red with the battery charger by clicking one of the boxes below to get taken to the store page. (If you live outside the US/UK click on it anyway as it will try find if there is a ketonix store listing on your local country Amazon store too).
  2. For the rest of the world like biohackers in Europe and Scandinavia, South America, Australia and South Africa you may have to go through Moose engineering’s’ website here to find a local distributer. If the link above doesn’t take you to your local Amazon country store with the item there for you.

Ketonix Link Device

As you can see on this official Facebook post, from April 2017 there is a new device that will allow you to sync your red or blue stick to your phones app via Bluetooth.

This will help with tracking your data in the app.

It appears to be compatible with both the following two models:

  • Ketonix 2015 analyzer
  • Ketonix USB model

Ketonix Coupon Codes

Occasionally I have seen a valid ketonix coupon becoming available for short periods of time from the manufacturer in Sweden.

If I find a discount code or promo that is current then I’ll list them here for you to try out:

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