The Best Carnivore Diet Podcasts to Follow

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Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: August 2, 2020

We still love listening to other people’s podcasts about carnivore health topics and discussions. Even though the BioHackers Lab podcast has interviews about the carnivore diet with experts in the field and personal success stories.

This is a list of our recommended podcast shows to look at following and subscribing too (in no favorite order).

You should hopefully get to hear some interesting conversations, or find some more episodes with particular guests you like listening too.

Top 7 Best Carnivore Podcast Playlist in 2024

1. Carnivore Cast

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The Carnivore Cast is hosted by Scott Myslinski and is a podcast dedicated to an all meat diet lifestyle. I got to meet Scott in person at the 1st Carnivore Conference in Colorado, and he is as nice to talk too in person, as he is to listen too when he interviews his guests on a wide range of topics. I like listening to the personal stories people share.

2. Fundamental Health

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The Fundamental Health podcast is hosted by Dr Paul Saladino MD. Dr Saladino has risen fast to become influential in the keto-carnivore community. He speaks with a lot of other medical doctors and diet influencers in an easy-to-understand way.

3. Human Performance Outliers

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The Human Performance Outliers podcast is hosted by Dr Shawn Baker MD and Zach Bitter. You’ll get to hear from a range of guests like medical doctors, athletes and researchers on nutrition topics. Dr Baker helps to tie in concepts that he sees living a carnivoury way of eating lifestyle.

4. The Fat Fuelled Family

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The Fat Fuelled Family podcast is hosted by Danny and Maura Vega. I like how they are also trying to follow a lifestyle that is good for them and their kids. The show is not just dedicated to nutrition, but also mind set and exercise motivation.

5. Better, Stronger, Faster

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The Better, Stronger, Faster podcast is hosted by Chris Bell and William Shewfelt. The podcast doesn’t post regularly, but does cover some hot topical discussions like thoughts on the Game Changer movie. People who love training and getting fit will enjoy this show.

6. Primal Edge Health

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The Primal Edge podcast is hosted by Tristan Haggard and is a more intense show for me to listen to. Tristan is very passionate about animal based nutrition and who is behind Vegan nutritional marketing and organizations. The Primal Edge Health YouTube channel has a big following so tells me Tristan covers a lot of topics love to hear about.

7. Perfected Health

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The Perfected Health podcast is hosted by Frank Tufano who is another very vocal influencer in the community. Frank started interviewing others on his podcast and has a variety of guests. I enjoyed the depth of knowledge that Frank has due to his background reading and experience. Unfortunately it is currently not available as audio only, but you’ll see his channel has lots of carnivore diet related content.

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