Yes, you can take a NMN supplement with your cup of coffee. NMN is water soluble and the coffee should not interfere with its bioavailability. Some people also choose to mix their NMN powder directly into their coffee.

Last Updated: 24 September 2023

A person's hand holding a hot coffee in the morning.
Coffee in the Morning

You won’t be the only person wondering if it is ok to take your daily dose of NMN when you are drinking your morning cup of coffee.

I personally find it easier to take my NMN capsules when I’m drinking my coffee at breakfast time.

However if you take NMN in a power form then I did also see someone asking if they can mix NMN powder directly into their coffee. The answer appeared to be yes, but a warning is that it would add a bitter taste to the coffee.

I decided to go looking for more answers around this topic and this is what I found.

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How Could Coffee Affect NMN?

The 4 factors in coffee that I looked at if they can affect the absorption, or bioavailability, of NMN include:

  1. Heat
  2. Caffeine
  3. Milk
  4. Sugar

Heat Factor

NMN powder used by Renue By Science is thermally stabilized, so that it maintains its potency within temperatures ranging from 39.2 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Their NMN has been tested to still be 98% potent after 3 months and 97% potent after 6 months.

Coffee is normally served at served at temperatures between 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C) and 185 degrees F (85 degrees C). So, even though it is hotter than the temperatures mentioned above, I couldn’t find any concern you are losing out on potency by taking NMN capsules or tablets whilst drinking hot coffee.

If you are concerned about the temperature issue then try a cold brew coffee instead.

Caffeine Factor

Caffeine may affect the absorption of certain supplements, but the results are mixed and depend on various factors. Caffeine can reduce the absorption of thiamine (vitamin B1), but may assist in the absorption of vitamin B12 by stimulating stomach acid production.

I found this interesting research article by Ryu et al. that states: “caffeine can enhance the effects of NR“.

Milk Factor

I went looking if dairy consumption affects absorption and there is currently no evidence that milk inhibits vitamin absorption that I could find.

So, having some half and half, milk or even butter with a Bulletproof Coffee should be fine.

Sugar Factor

Having some sugar in your coffee appears to not be an issue for vitamin and mineral absorption.

The only issue with sugar and supplements is more around what sugar might cause over a long period of time, which is insulin resistance and impaired glucose control. A high sugar intake can affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals according to Hammer Nutrition.

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