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No, taking a NMN supplement should not break a fast. This means if you are practising intermittent fasting for longevity reasons, like for autophagy fasting, you can keep taking NMN if it is also apart of your health regime. In fact, some supplements like Spermidine can help induce autophagy.

Plate with a clock time on it to indicate fasting times

The primary goal of fasting is to restrict calorie intake which is why their is a concern that taking supplements like NMN may interfere with this goal for some people.

Do All Supplements Break a Fast?

The effect of supplements on fasting during short-term therapeutic fasting is not clear. There is no clear evidence on whether supplements break a fast.

One study investigated the effects of oral mineral supplements on common side effects and well-being during short-term fasting and found that mineral supplements did not have an additive benefit.

Another study examined the effects of l-arginine supplementation on postprandial endothelial function and found that the effects of the supplement varied with baseline fasting arginine concentration. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements during fasting.

When Is Autophagy Activated?

Autophagy is turned on by keeping protein under 15 grams a day and total kcal below 11 kcal per kg body weight.

Why Would NMN Break a Fast?

It is recommended to take NMN first thing in the morning, or up to 6 hours after waking on an empty stomach. So, ingesting anything other than water is what concerns people who are fasting.

But, it is not thought that the small amount of active ingredient, or inert filler, in NMN powder or capsules would be enough to raise insulin levels or create a glycemic response and break an intermittent fast.

David Sinclair on Fasting and Supplements