Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: January 2, 2023

Did you start following a carnivore diet after doing the World Carnivore Month challenge and saw videos of others using some amazing knives to cut their different cuts of meat?

You probably have seen Dr Shawn Baker share one of his reaction videos where he sits down and eats a steak with some big ‘ol looking knife that slices the meat like it is going through butter.

So, what is the type of knife that he is using and what is the brand called?

Lucky enough Shawn has shared the details.

What is The Steak Knife Shawn Baker Uses?

Shawn Baker uses a bullnose butcher knife from Cangshan Cutlery Company to slice his steak.

What is a Bullnose Butcher Knife?

A Bullnose butcher knife is one of the types of knives butcher use to cut raw and cooked meat. The shape at the end of the blade is what gives it the name bull nose.

Do You Have to Use a Butchers Knife?

No, you do not have to use a butchers knife to cut some grass fed beef like rib-eyes or sirloin steaks when you are on a carnivore diet. But, the do look very the part.

Butchers knives have a full tang handle, are long blades and are probably more suitable for men with large hands if they are to be used as a steak knife.

How to Slice a Steak the Right Way

  1. Look for the grain in the cooked meat
  2. Cut slices against the grain in the meat
  3. Slice thinly for maximum tenderness when chewing

To get the butchers knife to slice through a steak like a knife through hot butter, you will want to cut against the grain.

I think that cutting a piece of meat correctly and letting it be displayed on a cutting board or plate enhances the enjoyment of the eating experience.

Final Thoughts

Getting yourself a sharp knife to cut your meat when you eat a carnivore diet is one of those luxuries I think everyone should invest in to get the maximum enjoyment out of eating your meat.

The next would be a extra long, pointed prong fork and a wooden cutting board to complete the look of you sitting in a rural steakhouse.

If you want to know what grill you see Shawn cook his steaks in it is normally an Otto Wilde grill.