What Are The Best Blackout Sleep Masks?

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What Are The Best Blackout Sleep Masks to Buy?
Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: March 30, 2021

The best sleep masks to block out light are:

I was interested to find out what are some of the best sleep masks to use to help block out light for me to review.

Wearing a sleep mask that blocks out light can be such a simple sleep hack to help you get a good nights sleep.

So I went out researching online for what are the top rated & most recommended brands that make sleep masks for blocking out light that are available to buy online.

The Best Blackout Sleep Masks in 2024

Here is the list of recommended light blocking sleep masks we reviewed for you to compare.

1. Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

  • Material: Unavailable
  • Shape: Contoured to fit face shape, lightweight
  • Recommended Uses: Sleep
  • Special Features: Molded eye cups

The Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask on Amazon acts as a black out curtain to block light from reaching your eyes as you sleep. It uses an ergonomic design to contour to your face shape, and has adjustable straps for varying head sizes.

Most uniquely, the mask is designed with patented molded cups for each eye, to prevent makeup smudges and allow blinking.

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • The eye cups prevent makeup smudges while taking a quick nap during a lunch break or a commute to work
  • The adjustable straps fit most head sizes
  • The material blocks out all light, leaving the sleeper in total darkness for deep sleep
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Although it is washable, washing often delaminates the eye mask
  • According to reviews, the mask does not fit some head sizes well, being either too snug or too loose
  • Many reviewers report having to purchase the product again because of wearing over time

2. Swanwick Sleep Silk Sleep Mask

  • Material: 100% pure silk
  • Shape: Oversized to keep out light
  • Recommended Uses: Sleep, travel, meditation
  • Special Features: Silk naturally keeps away dust, fungus and mold

The Swanwick Sleep Silk Sleep Mask is made by the Swanwick Sleep brand. The company also specialize in blue light blocking glasses, as well as other sleep product. It is made of pure silk that contains substances that guard against dust and other irritants. This is a luxury eye mask that is suitable for both men and women. Stomach, back and side sleepers will love this sleeping mask.

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • The silk material absorbs moisture and stays dry
  • The silk is hypoallergenic, keeping away dust, fungus and mold
  • The silk wrapped band maximizes comfort and prevents irritation around the head
  • The large size of the mask prevents any light from entering through
  • The mask is too large for some head sizes
  • It may exert pressure on the eyes and does not allow blinking

3. Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

  • Material: Tempur memory foam
  • Shape: Thick, padded for comfort
  • Recommended Uses: Sleep, travel
  • Special Features: Made of memory foam

Tempur-Pedic specializes in memory foam mattresses and pillows, but they also offer a host of other sleep-related products, including bedding, slippers, and travel items. The Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask is made of their token Tempur memory foam, which stays cool, contours to your face shape, and provides total darkness. The mask comes in dark navy blue and has an adjustable elastic strap.

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • The mask completely blocks out light without putting any pressure on the eyes
  • It is made by a trusted, high-quality brand
  • The Tempur material is comfortable
  • According to reviews, the mask lasts a long time
  • Tempur-Pedic does not specialize in sleep masks or eyewear, and only offers one sleep mask product
  • The mask is very bulky, making it uncomfortable for side sleepers

4. Brownmed IMAK Compression Eye Pillow

  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Thick, bead-filled, smaller than other masks
  • Recommended Uses: Stress and pain relief
  • Special Features: ergoBeads provide a massage sensation, and it can be placed in the freezer to provide cooling relief

Brownmed has been making medical products for over 50 years and is a six-time winner of the Inc. 5000 award. Their IMAK Compression line includes arthritis gloves and sleeves in addition to the eye pillow. Brownmed’s products are focused on relieving pain to improve quality of life. The patented Brownmed IMAK Compression Eye Pillow on Amazon is designed by an orthopedic surgeon, and is filled with ergoBeads that create a soothing massage sensation.

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • The ergoBeads inside the mask provide gentle, soothing massage
  • The beads form to your face, blocking out light completely
  • It helps relieve headaches
  • This mask is not designed primarily for sleep, but for medicinal use
  • The mask is very thick, making it uncomfortable for side sleepers
  • According to reviews, the elastic band becomes stretched out very quickly

5. ASUTRA Premium Lavender Silk Eye Pillow

  • Material: 100% pure silk
  • Shape: Contoured to face shape
  • Recommended Uses: Sleep, aroma therapy
  • Special Features: Contains a pouch filled with lavender and flax seed, which can be used for therapy and removed for sleep if desired

The ASUTRA Eye Pillow on Amazon is filled with organic lavender and flax seed, which are used for therapeutic purposes and can be removed for sleeping. It also comes with a bonus therapeutic gel eye mask. It is made from pure silk, which is naturally comfortable and has hypoallergenic properties.

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • The lavender and flax seed are contained in a muslin pouch inside the mask, and can easily be removed with a zipper
  • The mask has dual uses: aroma therapy and sleep
  • The silk is naturally hypoallergenic, keeping away dust, fungus and mold
  • It can be refrigerated for cold therapy
  • According to reviews, the elastic strap is uncomfortable
  • When the muslin pouch is removed, the mask becomes lightweight and curls up, letting in light

Frequently asked Questions

I know you were looking for what are the best options, but here is some more detail as to why we need to use an eye mask to help us sleep at night.

Good sleep happens when we sleep in complete darkness.

That is why using an eye mask to cover your eyes and block all light out can be a game changer for someones sleep.

One of my favourite biohacking sleep hacks & top tips for improving my sleep quality or quantity is to wear a good sleep mask to protect any form of light stimulating my eyes, even through closed eyelids!

What is a Sleep Mask

Certain eye masks are also known as sleep masks, because they are designed to help block out light from our eyes to aid better quality sleep.

It’s important to remember that we should have a bedroom that has no light coming in from anywhere.

However, most of us live in brightly lit towns and cities, which can cause sleep problems like insomnia, circadian rhythm disturbances and restlessness.

Who Should Wear a Sleep Mask

Using a sleep mask can be useful for people having trouble sleeping in many situations, including the following:

According to research even healthy people benefit from using sleep products like, an eye mask for sleeping and earplugs to block out noise.

Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

Here are some benefits of reduced artificial light exposure before and during sleep:

(source, source)

The human body evolved long ago to be awake during daylight hours, and asleep at night, when lighting is significantly reduced.

Now that we have artificial light from not only light bulbs and televisions, but also from phones, tablets, and computers; our nighttime artificial light exposure has gone way up.

Being exposed to light at night causes suppression of melatonin, the hormone that makes you tired.

While it is difficult to reduce light exposure before bed (most of us have hardwired that pesky habit of watching TV or checking our email before we snooze), wearing a sleep mask can help eliminate light exposure during sleep, which can make a big difference. We are meant to sleep in total darkness. (ref)

How to Choose the Best Eye Mask

  1. Make sure the mask blocks out enough light
  2. Make sure you choose a mask that works well for your sleeping position (side sleepers have to be pickier)
  3. Choose a comfortable (and environmentally-friendly) eye mask
  4. Make sure it fits your face shape and head size
  5. Look for additional features you might be interested in

How to Wear a Sleep Mask

  1. Put on your sleep mask and adjust the strap to fit
  2. Start by wearing the mask on your forehead before sleep
  3. Get relaxed while lying in bed by doing a low-light activity such as listening to soft music, reading, meditating, or writing in a journal
  4. Turn off all lights and pull your mask down over your eyes
  5. Get into a comfortable sleeping position, breathing deeply and thinking positively

Common Types of Eye Masks Materials

When looking for an eye mask that will improve the quality of your sleep, it is important to find one in a comfortable material that suits your sleeping position and personal preference.

Some materials are of a higher quality than others.

Here are some common eye mask materials with details:

Polyester fabric
Strong, lightweight material
Blocks out 100% of light
Made of synthetic fibers that are not biodegradable
Can cause sweating
Soft, lightweight material
Naturally hypoallergenic
May shrink or change color over time
More expensive than other materials
Memory Foam
Very durable
May be combustible
May make breathing difficult
Mulberry silk
Naturally made by silkworms
100% recyclable and biodegradable
Absorbs sweat and resists odors
May shrink or change color over time
Polyurethane foam
Very comfortable and durable
Contains chemicals that may endanger the user
More expensive than other materials
Not very durable
Soft, durable material
Luxurious and attractive
Wrinkles easily
Not very durable
Soft and stretchy for comfort
Breathable material
Can shrink or lose its shape over time
Prone to damage

Trouble Sleeping Tips

  1. Pull your eye mask up to your forehead and get up
  2. Turn on a dim red sleep promoting light and engage in a relaxing activity such as listening to soft music, reading, meditating, or writing in a journal
  3. Once you feel tired, turn out the lights, get back into bed, and pull your sleep mask down over your eyes
Last updated: March 30, 2021

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