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As we age our Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) levels are said to decline, which is why some people want to be able to measure and see what are their NAD levels.

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Why Test Your NAD Levels?

People might want to know what are their NAD levels if they are just curious, but also more likely because they are looking too or are actively supplementing with NMN, NR, or NAD.

Do NAD Levels Decline With Age?

According to this article published in Nutrients, the widespread claim that NAD levels decline in humans with age is often limited to a specific tissue type. Also, there is a need for more longitudinal studies to see how NAD levels change in different tissues as we age.

It appears that research is looking to see if levels of NAD+ in blood plasma correlate with a decline in NAD levels in other tissues in the body, but reading these studies are mainly in non-humans like rats, monkeys and C. elegans worms.

Can You Test Your NAD Levels?

Yes, at present researchers are able to test NAD+ levels in different tissues like the blood, brain, liver and muscle.

However, this is for research purposes and is not a diagnostic test that your medical doctor would normally be ordering.

It is possible to perform at-home NAD testing via the dried blood spot method. This method according to this article in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry has the potential to become the gold standard for NAD+ measurement in blood”.

Where to Buy a At-Home NAD Test Kit

DoNotAge NAD Test Kit box
The DoNotAge NAD Test Kit Box

You can purchase NAD at-home test kits from the following brands:

How to Test Your NAD Levels At Home

You can test you NAD levels using a at home NAD test kit.

Step 1: Order a Home Test Kit

There are different companies that sell home NAD test kits online. You will need to choose one to order from to have it delivered to your home.

Step 2: Perform the Dried Blood Spot Test

Once you have the test kit you will need to follow the instructions supplied to donate some dried blood samples onto the test card.

Step 3: Mail Your Test to the Testing Lab

Once you have successfully completed all the steps recommended in the instructions with the test kit you will need to post the card with your blood sample to the labs postal address.

Step 4: Get Your NAD Levels Result

Once the lab has received your test card they will analyze it and report back to you within several days as to what are your NAD levels in μM measurements.

How to Read Your Test Results

When you get your NAD test results back you will be told what are your NAD levels as measured in μM from your dried blood test.

When reading different research articles it was hard to find anything that states what are the normal ranges of NAD as measured in μM according to age groups.

The best data we could find for reference ranges was in this article:

The other best example we could find was published in this sample report from Jinfiniti Precision Medicine.

This sample report gives suggested ranges for what are deficient, optimal and excessive ranges for NAD levels measured in μM.

It appears NAD levels range from 10 – 100 μM with 40 – 100 μM being the optimal.


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