Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

I went out looking for what are some of the highest rated & most recommended exogenous ketone products and brands that can be used on keto or low carbohydrate diet.

Here is a list of recommended exogenous ketone supplements for you to compare:

Top Rated Exogenous Ketones Supplements

1. HVMN Ketone Ester – Most Powerful Exogenous Ketone

The HVMN ketone ester is designed to be a quickly accessible source of ketone energy, and is a world first that is backed by years of research. The bottles come in a convenient drink that provides both an appetite suppression, plus physical and cognitive energy. The benefits of ketone esters, specifically HVMN brand, is that they help mimic the normal metabolism of endogenous (within the body) ketones. By processing them at the liver, you will get the fastest results possible, triggering ketosis and appetite suppression very quickly. Since esters are bound to alcohol molecules, they metabolize in the liver to deliver results quickly. The only downside is the taste, which is rather unpleasant.

  • Type: Ketone Ester Drink
  • Servings: 3 bottles per pack
  • Need to Pre-mix: No

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • Fastest way to raise blood ketones available to the public
  • Helps boost athletic performance
  • Assists in athletic muscle recovery
  • Assists in enhancing cognitive (brain function) abilities
  • Easy to transport as a ready to drink small bottle
  • Doesn’t taste nice and no way around that at this stage
  • The taste may make some feel nausea when drinking a whole bottle in one go

2. Kiss My Keto C8 MCT Oil

Kiss My Keto offers a pure C8 caprylic acid oil instead of a blend of C8, C10, and C12 like other MCT oils. This MCT oil should provide a cleaner, more intense energy and focus. In addition, Kiss My Keto comes in a glass bottle with a pump that delivers exactly 1 tablespoon of MCT oil, ending the need for spoons or measuring, which is pretty cool. (ref)

  • Type: Ketone MCT Oil
  • Servings: 63 servings per 32oz bottle
  • Need to Pre-mix: No

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • C8 oil is the best MCT oil for helping to raise ketone levels
  • Comes in a glass bottle
  • Pump dispenser so messy oil around the lid
  • 15g Caprylic Acid per tablespoon serving
  • Good to use in keto coffee
  • Not easy to transport if on the go
  • Taking too much MCT oil can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loose stools

3. Level Up Clean C8 MCT Oil

Level Up Clean MCT oil claims to offer a pure caprylic acid oil that offers superior energy by removing chemical structures that might inhibit the total usage of this MCT oil. This means that the Clean MCT Oil should not be able to be stored in the body as fat. Instead it will provide high amounts of energy, and convert to ketones rather instantly. The only downside being that it can cause some stomach discomfort, so if you’ve never used MCT oil before, you should start at a lower dosage and work your way up from there. (ref)

  • Type: Ketone MCT Oil
  • Servings: 64 servings per 32oz bottle
  • Need to Pre-mix: No

Let’s compare some of the other features:

  • C8 oil is the best MCT oil for helping to raise ketone levels
  • Brown glass bottle option to avoid BPA-free plastic bottle option
  • 16oz and 32oz Size Bottles
  • 14g Caprylic Acid per tablespoon serving
  • Not easy to transport if on the go
  • Not much detail about the company or founders of the brand to be found

4. Zhou Nutrition KETO DRIVE BHB Salts

Binding beta-hydroxybuterate (BHB) to salts improves your body's ability to absorb and utilize the ketones. Keto Drive offers carb-free BHB in a variety of flavors, which can be added to drinks or taken on their own.

  • TASTE - Though slightly better tasting than esters, even flavored BHB salts have a pretty profoundly bitter aftertaste, and Keto Drive is no different
  • SIDE EFFECTS - None in particular - salts avoid the typical gastrointestinal distress that can be associated with MCT oils or other sources of exogenous ketones
  • CONVENIENCE - Powders can easily be mixed in with other drinks or protein powders, plus there's not as much of a spill risk associated with a powder canister as there is with oil bottles
  • EFFECT ON KETOSIS - Salt powders have a high rate of absorption and can profoundly effect burgeoning ketosis or cause you to enter ketosis typically within an hour of ingestion
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSION - The appetite-suppressing qualities are decent, but not as potent as with esters or MCT oil

5. Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Salt

Another ketone-salt product, Perfect Keto offers superior absorption with less calories per serving than other products. It's possible that the amount of ketones per serving are simply smaller, creating this caloric difference, but this product is also unsweetened, which could detract from overall energy density. Regardless, it still provides enough ketones to induce ketosis within an hour or less in most people.

  • TASTE - Perfect Keto, while admitting exogenous ketones are bitter, have gone a long way to mask the flavor and improve the overall experience of ingesting them.
  • SIDE EFFECTS - Aside from a bitter aftertaste, no real side effects
  • CONVENIENCE - Perfect Keto is formulated to be more like a non-dairy powder creamer, and they actually suggest mixing it with coffee to offset the taste problems. Keeping it by your morning coffee ritual area is a good way to ensure you use it AND improve your morning cup without carbs
  • EFFECT ON KETOSIS - Very good at inducing quick ketosis
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSION - High energy and appetite suppression, though again not as powerful as a MCT oil

6. Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

Mimicking the positive effects of MCT oil without having to deal with the difficulty of mixing oil into a water-based liquid, this powder provides the benefits of medium-chain triglycerides without the hassle. It comes flavored or unflavored, and can be used without the fear of digestive distress that MCT oil in its pure state often causes.

  • TASTE - MCT oil is largely tasteless and mixes well with nearly anything, and Perfect Keto offers flavored oil powders as well.
  • SIDE EFFECTS - MCT oil powders minimize the negative effects of pure MCT oil, so you don't need to worry about the normal gastrointestinal distress or jitters
  • CONVENIENCE - As with all ketone powders, the flexibility to mix it into something you're already drinking is a huge benefit
  • EFFECT ON KETOSIS - MCT oil converts to ketones nearly immediately, cannot be stored as fat, and provides significant boosts to people already in ketosis
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSION - A serving of Perfect Keto in your morning coffee will suppress your appetite for hours, making it ideal for people who want to fast

7. Zhou Nutrition MCT Powder with Prebiotic Fiber

Another MCT oil powder, this one includes a prebiotic fiber. This increases the satiating, appetite-suppressing effects of the MCT oil by combining them with filling fiber. It also improves gut health, as prebiotics are show to be better at improving gut flora than probiotics.

  • TASTE - Like the other powders, this one has flavors to help improve the taste, and with the prebiotic fiber included, it does appear to help
  • SIDE EFFECTS - While MCT oil powder removes much of the concern about gastrointestinal distress that pure MCT oil creates, the prebiotic fiber may take some getting used to, in terms of its effect on your digestion
  • CONVENIENCE - Just as convenient as other other MCT powders and ketone salts listed
  • EFFECT ON KETOSIS - The transition from glycolisis to ketosis can have a dramatic effect on your gut flora, so having a prebiotic built-in can help relieve some of the negative effects of that transition
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSION - This provides dual appetite-blunting mechanisms, first in the ketone production and then in the fiber itself. This make a superior appetite suppressing product

Buyers' Guide Information

I know that you are looking for the best options for exogenous ketones, but here is some more detail as to what constitutes quality exogenous ketone supplements and why they are useful for those seeking nutritional ketosis.

What Are the Different Types of Ketone Supplements?

1. Ketone Esters

This is pure ketones bound to alcohol esters. The benefits are that your body will immediately use them, but they taste awful, like rubbing alcohol. There are also very few commercial sources of esters thus far, but for quickly entering ketosis, it is difficult to do better than these esters.

2. Ketone Salts

These products bind ketones to a salt of calcium, magnesium, potassium, or sodium to improve the body's ability to absorb the ketones. These are easy to use, mix well with drinks, and make up most of the exogenous ketone market.

3. MCT Oils

MCT oil and refined coconut oils are the most widely distributed products in this category. They are typically tasteless and provide quick ketosis and ketosis-derived energy and focus. The downside is they are known to cause intestinal distress, particularly when you first start using them.

4. "Fake" Ketones

Raspberry ketones have been marketed heavily in the last few years, but they're not really ketogenic at all. Instead they are derived from the chemicals that give raspberries their delicious smell, and while they're "technically" ketones, there is little evidence they affect ketosis or fat loss at all.

What Do Exogenous Ketones Do?

Exogenous ketones put the body in an immediate state of nutritional ketosis, making it so that you metabolically burn fat instead of sugar. The ketones also blunt your appetite while still providing energy. In fact, because ketone metabolism skips insulin production and blood sugar swings almost entirely, it provides exceptional mental clarity, which is another reason why some people take exogenous ketones, even if they don't need or want to lose weight.

What Are the Benefits of Using Exogenous Ketones?

  • Appetite Suppression - Even more helpful for weight loss, ketones blunt your appetite to help prevent snacking and overeating, plus, prevent insulin swings that create hunger and cravings.
  • Increased Mental Clarity - Without the ups and downs in blood sugar caused by insulin, the brain functions sharper and can possibly help with brain fog feelings and during periods of stress like meetings, exams and deep thinking tasks.
  • Reduce Keto Flu Symptoms - By helping to provide higher BHB ketones that can help the body get more energy can help reduce the severity of the keto adaptation period "keto flu" plus the slats in ketone salts may provide electrolyte support.

Do Exogenous Ketones Help with Weight Loss?

Yes, exogenous ketones are great for people who want to use ketosis for aiding weight loss. By causing the body to enter a state of ketosis very soon after ingestion helps to reduce your appetite. This helps someone both reduce their excess calories eaten per day without all the cravings and hunger that dieting often creates. They also make it easier to function with less food, which aids intermittent fasting so that a person can also help boost their endogenous ketone production.

However, do not rely exclusively on exogenous ketones as a weight loss product as they will not work then. You have to also adjust your dietary choices and manage your daily calorie intake.

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